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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 34 Recap

Tang Ping and Cai Siyu encouraged Fang Ning to propose marriage, but when Fang Ning thought of such a conspicuous and contrived way of proposal, Fang Ning directly refused, dispelling Tang Ping and Cai Siyu’s beautiful fantasy. It turned out that Cai Siyu wanted to add a marriage proposal to her novel and couldn’t help but find a real case.

On the other hand, Ling Rui found materials according to Tang Ping and Fang Ning’s ideas: candles, flowers, and rings. When Lu Fangning got home, Ling Rui secretly hid the computer. Fang Ning received a call from the Public Security Bureau at this time. It turned out that it was Shen Zhuo who caught the gangster at the time. It turned out that Dong Yang from the Luming Group wanted to borrow flowers to present the Buddha and invite credit in front of Gao Erfan, but Gao Erfan caught it. He ventilated with Mingcheng and secretly revealed the secret evidence, and swept the worm out of the company in one fell swoop.

Fang Ning felt distressed when he thought of the way he had screamed at Galfan at the beginning. Ling Rui approached and began to comfort Fang Ning, and the two began their sweet evening. By the next day, Ling Rui began to arrange an invitation list for Fang Ning’s birthday. Thinking of the affairs and relationship between Fang Ning and Gao Erfan, Ling Rui sent an invitation to Gao Erfan, hoping that Gao Erfan could attend Lu Yue instead. Fang Ning’s birthday.

Bloomberg and Lu Yiyao separately started buying Fang Ning’s birthday supplies. In order to get a perfect cake, Bloomberg did not hesitate to find the buyer in the cake shop, hoping that the other party could give up the cake. Lu Yiyao, who picked flowers at the flower shop, saw the love flowers that Cai Siyu had given him, and decided to really confess to Cai Siyu and express his feelings. Bring your own carefully selected flowers.

Lu Yiyao agreed to a location with Cai Siyu and brought beautiful flowers to the agreed place. The sudden heavy rain wet Lu Yiyao’s body, but he was afraid that Cai Siyu could not find him, and the stubborn Lu Yiyao waited in place. Cai Siyu walked in under an umbrella and looked at Lu Yiyao’s paranoid appearance. Originally, he was still wondering whether Lu Yiyao’s words this time were still “the scumbag routine”, but Lu Yiyao’s sincere appearance and sincere words finally Touched by Cai Siyu, the two finally settled in the rain.

Bloomberg waited in the cake shop and was surprised to find that the owner of the cake was Tang Ping. Tang Ping happily took Bloomberg’s arm, but Bloomberg was swayed by the eyes of passers-by and felt uncomfortable. Unlike Tang Ping’s open-mindedness, Bloomberg feels that he and Tang Ping are not the same. He cruelly broke up with Tang Ping. Seeing Bloomberg’s back, Tang Ping felt extremely disappointed.

In order to arrange the venue, Ling Rui proposed to take Fang Ning and Youyou to the playground together. Fang Ning wondered whether Ling Rui was planning a marriage proposal, but his body followed obediently. When the three people left, Bloomberg and others began to arrange the venue. The strange air was flowing between Tang Ping and Bloomberg, who had decided to separate the day before, but the sweetness between Lu Yiyao and Cai Siyu was endless. Family and friends came together, exquisite lighting arrangements, pleasing cakes. As night fell, when the family of three came to the surprise scene. The plan has changed. The group didn’t know when to find the opportunity to reveal the surprise. Instead, they hurriedly made an oolong.

Looking at the debris on the floor, the embarrassed people lowered their heads speechlessly, but they still smiled with Lu Youyou’s innocent voice. Friends and relatives are there, maybe they really let go. Fang Ning’s smile is real and cheerful. He hugs everyone one by one. Listening to the blessings given by his favorite person, Fang Ning and his party begin to sing birthday songs and prepare to celebrate their birthday. cake.

But at this time, Galfan appeared quietly. The astonished people looked at Galfan, but Galfan sincerely congratulated Fang Ning on his birthday. The enemy finally shook hands and made peace, and Gao Erfan also stood silently among the crowd with everyone’s acceptance, sending blessings to Fang Ning. The party finally began, and the lover danced on the dance floor. At the instigation, Bloomberg also accepted Tang Ping’s invitation and shyly swayed on the dance floor. With the atmosphere, this night is both beautiful and dreamy.

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