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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 35 End Recap

Lu Yiyao and Cai Siyu are still showing their affection sweetly. Lu Yiyao has the idea of ​​marrying in his mind, but Cai Siyu temporarily feels too hasty. Seeing Cai Siyu’s dissatisfaction with integrity, Lu Yiyao counts as a child. Bloomberg found Tang Ping, and the two of them were still very embarrassed. Bloomberg wanted to show her kindness to Tang Ping and stuttered to tell her true thoughts about her love of Tang Ping. Tang Ping said that she wanted to give up the idea of ​​being a star. , Bloomberg slowly took Tang Ping’s hand, and the lovers finally became a pair again.

Galfan sitting in the corner looked at the sweet appearance of everyone, not knowing whether it was the atmosphere or an illusion. Galfan actually felt vaguely seeing Lu Yue’s appearance. Lu Yue in his mind was with tears, saying that all his wishes have been fulfilled. : Seeing everyone happy and happy. Gaolfan stared at Lu Yue’s vision, and tears were also born. Knowing that the obsession in his heart should be put down after all, Galfan left the party alone, returned to the company, and finally made a decision.

Fang Ning looked at everyone talking and laughing, she couldn’t help feeling that, the nightmare she had been obsessed with for many years slowly disintegrated, Fang Ning also seemed to see Lu Yue’s figure, Lu Yue in his mind was smiling, encouraging Fang Ning to walk towards him New life. Fang Ning’s eyes were red, and finally reconciled with her past self. The party is finally coming to an end, leaving one by one, and Yo-yo is picked up by Lu’s parents. Fang Ning and Ling Rui ushered in the two-person world of the two. But for the time being, Ling Rui could not be seen.

Fang Ning searched all the way to the garden, only to find a more beautiful arrangement appeared in the garden. There were photos hanging on the trees, all of them were photos of their fond memories. Brilliant lanterns illuminate the road ahead. In the box placed at the end are photos of Fang Ning and Ling Rui in the playground when they were children. It turned out that Ling Rui found the mother-in-law who sold cotton candy in the playground, and then retrieved the photos. Following the guidance, Fang Ning received one love letter after another prepared by Ling Rui.

Looking at the place where the dawn was shining, Ling Rui walked towards Fang Ning step by step. It turned out that all the rituals that Fang Ning thought were “rusty”, but Ling Rui’s preparation seemed exceptionally beautiful. Finally reached the most critical step, Ling Rui knelt on one knee and formally proposed to Fang Ning. Fang Ning nodded affirmatively, but took out the wedding ring of the two six years ago from his pocket. It turned out that Fang Ning had always cherished this relationship and never discarded it. Putting on the brand new ring, this relationship glowed with new brilliance, and the love between Ling Rui and Fang Ning was finally completed.

Fang Ning’s brand was officially launched, but a document that was sent suddenly brought surprising news: Galfan transferred his shares to Lu Yiyao. Fang Ning looked astonished and found Galfan, but Galfan officially told Fang Ning that seeing Lu Fangning had his own business, Galfan decided to hand Lu Ming to the most trustworthy person. Seeing that Gorfan finally put down his inner grievance and prepared to live his own life, Fang Ning also generously blessed him and watched Gorfan’s handsome figure.

Lu Yiyao struggled with how to propose to Cai Siyu to marry him, and performed countless rejections in his heart. Lu Yiyao decided to “go crazy” through wine and came to Cai Siyu’s house through “Jiu Jin”. Cai Siyu listened to Lu Yiyao. He babbled and thought that Lu Yiyao was drunk and unconscious, but Lu Yiyao took out his ring and told Cai Siyu about his preparation. Cai Siyu looked at Lu Yiyao’s cute appearance, and she was still soft-hearted and accepted Lu Yiyao’s marriage proposal.

Ling Rui’s research results were a great success. After receiving media reports, Fang Ning was also happy for Ling Rui. At the hospital, Yu Shiyi also formally reconciled with Fang Ning and became a comrade-in-arms on the same front.

Life still has to go on, all the storms have passed, Fang Ning and Ling Rui’s family finally returned to a peaceful life, but all the good things are still going on.

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