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Doting Your Wife in a Good Way: The Growth of Mrs. Guo Shi


The master and apprentice have always been innocent, and Su Jiuyue, as Su Xian’s young apprentice, has always been innocent with her master. As the saying goes, Yan teacher produces high apprentices, but Su Xian feels that his young apprentices should be spoiled and come! My little disciple beat up the sixth prince. Su Xian is so famous that it is your honor for my little disciple to beat you!

My disciple burned the princess’s bedroom, Su Xian only cared whether his disciple was hurt or tired!
Until one day my little disciple suddenly kidnapped someone and threatened to marry…

Su Xian: Nonsense! If you want to kidnap you can only kidnap me, and you can only marry me if you want to marry, want to run?

No seams!
[With quality assurance, the plot will never cramp]
[Never abandon the pit, stable update after the shelf]
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This article is slow, foreshadowing, and long!
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Doting Your Wife in a Good Way: The Growth of Mrs. Guo Shi
Associated Names: 宠妻有道:国师夫人成长记
Hua Xiaoru
Genres: novel, romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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