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I have a halo


Xueba’s research, Zhao Manshu, accidentally slipped into an abuse novel. Knowing the plot, she will go to tragedy next, donating her kidneys, gouging her eyes, and having two lives. But Zhao Manshu didn’t play the card according to reason, and even stabbed the male lead in order to divorce.

“Don’t force me, the position of Mrs. Fu Jiashao will be given to whoever you like, I don’t want it!”

A male lead: “Don’t regret it.” Just as everyone is waiting to see her jokes, results of exams, debate contests, scientific research… Zhao Manshu was so promoted step by step, sought after by others, and finally even included the big brother in his pocket. Tell people who looked down on her before can’t afford it…

Zhao Xiaofeng hasn’t slept yet, he is happily searching for some things about China with his tablet. But she was thinking that she was going back to China, and whether she should say hello to those she knew before. In fact, after arriving abroad, she also kept in touch with Professor Gu. But I never talked to Professor Gu about going back

I have a halo
Associated Names: 我有学霸女神光环
Tea light
Genres: romance
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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