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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 7 Recap

Ten days have passed, the funeral and the deal have been completed, and the special envoys of the six countries have gone back home. Ying Yiren and Lu Buwei went straight to Pingyuanjun’s residence, and the two advocated this peace. Zhao Sheng frowned. They had to sign a treaty of alliance between the two countries on that side, promising to cede Zhao’s six cities from Qin. war. Zhao Dan refused to accept the insult to the country’s covenant, and the front of the palace angrily denounced Zhao Sheng, intending to break the agreement, and Zhao Sheng died on the spot.

In October 250 BC, Prince Qin was crowned as a king by Yingzhu for fourteen years, and finally officially ascended the throne on this day. A grand ceremony for the new emperor has been held in Xianyang City. But three days later, the bad news suddenly spread-the new king of Qin Zhaxun. As the whole country mourned, Lu Buwei drove back to the mansion at a high speed until he walked into his bedroom. He couldn’t hide his excitement and joy. He felt a sense of peace of mind, and immediately restored his integrity.

In three days, the two generations of princes alternated. Hua Yang changed from his wife to the queen mother. Although she supported Ying Yiren to ascend to the throne as soon as possible, she also hinted that she would be the prime minister. Unwilling to continue to be controlled by Huayang, Ying Yiren simply made his own claims, and made Zhao Ji the queen and moved to the harem. Zhao Jizheng has the favor of Ying foreigners, arrogant and reckless, even in the face of the Queen Mother Huayang making things difficult, there is still Ying Zheng to relieve her.

At the end of the great funeral period, it was the first year of the Qin country. Ying foreigners faded away from the hemp and decay, dressed in a dungeon service, and ordered Lu Buwei to consulate at the first court meeting. Hou, Shilantian twelve counties. As soon as this decree came out, Qian Chen was indignant and shocked, and the ministers were shocked. Although Lu Buwei had the merits of establishing the country, he was a businessman after all, and the Queen Mother Huayang did not expect that the wrong person would rebel in court and even swear by the throne. , Li Bao Lu Buwei.

Suddenly, it has become an uncommon knowledge that the prime minister pays homage to the prime minister, and as the newly appointed prime minister opens the governor of the mansion, preparations are also needed for the reception banquet. However, at noon, the door was clean as usual, and no one from the government or the people came to the door. Just as the maid was preparing dishes one after another, Lu Buwei’s food was tasteless, unexpectedly Ying Zheng came suddenly and unceremoniously picked up his chopsticks and tasted it. It just so happened that the spy came in to inform that the Eastern Zhou Dynasty had sent envoys to various countries to discuss the attack on Qin. Lu Buwei asked Yingzheng what he thought, and Yingzheng directly broke the truth of “catching thieves and kings” without thinking.

Even if the dust settled on the prime minister, Qian Chen was still unwilling to persuade the Queen Mother Huayang to assist the new emperor again, but was slapped and reprimanded and warned him to fight against Ying Ren. At the same time, Lu Buwei learned of Michen’s secret intentions of murder, so he notified Zheng Yi that night and set a trap to lure the wolf into it.

Mi Chen was still in the dark, thinking that the assassination plan was going well, but Fan Yuqi suddenly turned back, and dozens of attendants sent earlier were all ambushed. Upon hearing the news, Ying Yiren was furious and wanted to severely punish Mi Chen. Lu Buwei believed that instead of punishing the crime, it would be better to keep Mi’s handle in his hand and he could control it at will in the future.

Lu Buwei took the initiative to visit the Empress Dowager Huayang, cryptically explained his intentions, and added fuel to the assassination process, so and so, it always made the other party a little jealous. After all, it was the Queen Mother Huayang who cleaned up her brother’s mess too generously, and now it has attracted unprovoked criticism. To avoid her being suspicious, Lu Buwei told her many kindnesses between Handan in Zhao State and Ying Yiren, regardless of what they said. It’s all monarchs and ministers.

Since the foreign war has not subsided, there should be no internal troubles in the next stage. Yingyiren intends to host a banquet in person to entertain him, and take this opportunity to make peace. Considering that Zhao Ji had been assisted by a succubus when she first came to Qin, she dressed in costumes and looked like a queen, and offered her thanks.

Han Ni and her son Cheng Yu sat next to him, unable to intervene like a transparent person, and even ignored repeatedly, inevitably lost. Yingzha maintains a humble attitude, and he rebuilds the old with Yingyiren on the surface, but in his heart he has other plans.

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