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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 8 Recap

Regardless of the predecessors, Ying Yiren intends to grant Ying the important position, and said that he needs to have a confession to go abroad. No matter how much grievances in the past, the left and right sides are too big to be blood and hands, so far, it has disappeared. After Ying Xi was so touched by the news, she no longer declined, promising to do her best to assist Ying Ren. Zhao Ji proposed to toast and win the wine alone, but he almost shocked him.

Lu Buwei intends to unify the six countries and strive to be the prime minister of the world. Such ambition is also what the Queen Mother Huayang needs. The two talked happily and finally reached a consensus. After Lu Buwei left, Huayang slapped Michen in anger and accused him of acting recklessly. If it weren’t for the deliberate fear of Ying foreigners, I am afraid that all the Mi clan would suffer from Chiyu.

With the current plan, the Empress Dowager Huayang warned Qian Chen to endure everything, as long as one of them fell between Ying Yiren and Lu Buwei, taking advantage of the other’s alone, she could wait for the opportunity to secretly accumulate strength and support Cheng Yu to the throne.

In the Ying Capital City of Chu State, Chu Kaorie Wang Miwan hosted a banquet in the palace to entertain the envoys of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Regarding the Qin attack, he cooperated with the officials in various dealings, and he tarriedly refused to send troops. The envoy of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty knew that Mi Wan had done it deliberately and was about to say goodbye to him. However, Chunshenjun Huang Xie suddenly spoke, claiming that if Qi was willing to help the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Chu would send troops.

Lu Buwei told Ying Yiren Chen that the Emperor of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty wanted to conspire against the Qin, so he wanted to take advantage of other nations’ uncertainties and actively invite the troops to conquer the war with a righteous prestige and frighten the nations. However, the current situation is more subtle, and it is the most difficult to stabilize the ruling and opposition parties. Lu Buwei’s initial appointment as prime minister is not very basic. Considering that he still needs to rely on the power of General Mengyu, he personally went to the general’s residence to meet him.

However, as an important minister of the Qin State, Mengyu has always been stiff and upright. Even if Lu Buwei sacrificed his life to protect the blood of the old King Qin, he was still inferior to him. In particular, Yingyi’s manpower rejected the public’s disagreement and sealed the state. Meng Yu even believed that the King of Qin was biased, and because profiteers slandered him, he decisively claimed that the disease was not seen and shut him out. Meng Tian was curious about the appearance of a person who could be scolded by his grandfather, so he slipped out of the house with his younger brother Meng Yi to see him, and found that the other party was not at all like the deer-headed rat eyes he imagined, but he was a little bit decent.

Lu Buwei intends to send troops to crusade against the Eastern Zhou Dynasty in ten months’ time. He specially asks Ying Zheng to take him to visit Meng Yu again. Due to the future visit of the prince, Meng Yu could not continue to say that he was sick and refused to see him. He simply brought his son Meng Wu to meet the two great grandchildren, and then he went to the house to talk.

On the way back to the palace, Lu Buwei asked Ying Zheng about the gains from this trip, and then said that the reason why Meng Yu had done so many times was due to the harmony of father and son in the family, and there was no worries on the battlefield. Because of this, Lu Buwei wanted to dispel the grievances between Yingzheng and Yingying, and then explained why Yingying left their mother and son in the enemy country, and frankly confessed that Yingying’s love for Yingzheng was beyond ordinary father and son.

At the same time, Ying Yiren was dealing with government affairs, and Zhao Ji brought soup to visit. The two of them rarely get along well. On the court the next day, Ying Yiren publicly ordered Prime Minister Lu Buwei to lead his troops to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Mi Chen opposed the fruitless, and could only watch Lu Buwei take the lead talisman, and General Meng Gao petitioned for assistance.

When Zhao Dan learned that Qin did not send a strong general, but instead let a profiteer gather the national power, he couldn’t help but was very pleased, and decided to put aside the sending of troops temporarily to avoid wasting his troops in vain. After hearing the words, the ministers all echoed and agreed, and when Qin competed with other countries, Zhao Guo could take advantage of the fisherman’s profit.

The current situation is critical, and the six countries are bucking each other. Although the key to sending troops lies in Qi, it is difficult to support the Eastern Zhou Dynasty if they are close to Qin. Thinking that Zhao and Qin also had a feud, Dongzhou Jun was about to send an envoy to Zhao to discuss it. At this time, news came that South Korea sent troops, and it didn’t take long to learn that Wei had gathered outside the city. The king of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty was ecstatic, and his heart to destroy Qin soared. I believe that it will not take long to fight back against the Qin army and capture Lu Buwei alive.

Fifty thousand Qin troops rushed to the Eastern Zhou dynasty. They came to the vicinity of the city of Gongyi. Fan Yuqi was worried that other countries would send troops one after another, so he proposed to return to Han Guangu first. Lu Buwei insisted on attacking the city and sent his subordinates to investigate the situation of Wei and South Korea. Unexpectedly, the two countries did not come to assist the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, but directly led the army to attack the two subordinate cities under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, and even fought for the territory.

The Eastern Zhou Dynasty was besieged by various countries, and the wilderness under the cloud cart was already chaotically spreading fierce attacks. The emperor of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty wanted to flee and had no way to cry without tears. He deeply realized that Gongyi was like a fat flesh without bones. Although he had the name of the emperor, he was salivating. Come in groups and attack them.

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