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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 9 Recap

Because Lu Buwei spread the news of “50,000 Qin soldiers eastward” in advance, it caused the countries to relax their vigilance and come to fight for territory. When one of them was defeated, Meng Gao led a surprise attack and captured Gongyi in one fell swoop. In order to protect the royal blood, the king of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty was forced to surrender. After that, he went out of the city naked with a hundred officials and bowed his head to proclaim his ministers. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty has since perished, and there is no such thing in the world.

In 248 BC, the State of Qin successively conquered the cities of Zhao, Han, and Wei, set up Sanchuan County and Taiyuan County, and expanded its power further eastward. The six countries of Shandong are terrified, and a joint effort to save the nation is under difficult planning. From this point of view, although Xianyang City looks like a lonely lantern, it is destined to return, and the country is long.

Suddenly winter went to spring. In the Lantian camp of Qin State, Ying Zheng and the Meng brothers competed in archery. Because of his excellent archery skills, he easily won the first place. Dong’er was watching the battle, her eyes full of concern, but without losing the naughtiness of her little daughter’s house, she simply filled the water bag with spirits, which caused Ying Zheng to embarrass on the spot, and the soldiers laughed.

The Empress Dowager Huayang summoned Ying Zheng into the palace and asked him about his views on state affairs. Ying Zheng knows that Chu has not yet made a decision. It either sends an envoy to Qin for peace, or conspires with other countries. The choice between the two lies entirely with the Queen Mother Huayang. It is precisely because of the lofty ambitions shown by Ying Zheng that the Queen Mother Huayang is quite appreciative and quite jealous.

When it was twilight, smoke was rising, and another scandal occurred in Handan. It was that Zhao Gongzi was caught all day in the prostitution house, and was caught by Lian Po outside the female Lu and sent to Zhao Wangdan. After learning that Zhao Yan wanted to marry an advocating daughter, Zhao Dan hated that his son would not be a talent. After all the abuse, he ordered her to be banned.

The temple people were ordered by the Queen Mother to make up the soup. Dong’er noticed that the soup was abnormal, and the temple people looked flustered and instantly understood the reason. When Zhao Ji heard that someone wanted to poison Ying Zheng, she became furious and asked Lu Buwei to personally supervise the investigation. She must find out the perpetrator of the poison and must not let it go easily.

Lu Buwei returned to the Xiangfu and ordered Zheng Yi to go to the Linzi Jixia Academy in Qi State and try his best to find Xunzi, a man who is proficient in emperor art and is well-known in the world. It would be best if he recommends many students. Lu Buwei hopes to receive a few strange people into the scene, whether it is for diplomatic wars or controlling the people within, it will have the effect of strengthening the country. Even if the six countries are unified in the future, they can write a large book as a political platform, and use this book to teach future kings and govern the world. , To ensure the stability of the Great Qin Dynasty.

Companion reader Guo Kai went to see Zhao Yan with wine and food, suggesting that he should marry his beloved as soon as possible. After the confinement was lifted, an extraordinary wedding was quietly held in the cabinet of the prostitute. Zhao Yan used to act as an excuse for Zhao Dan Chongxi. Under the witness of Guo Kai and his guests, Zhao Yan and the prostitutes served wine and officially became a couple.

According to previous years, Xunzi would ask questions in the academy and hand it over to his disciples for debate. Li Si has been in Jixia for several years and has followed Xunzi to learn the emperor’s art, so his views have won everyone’s attention. While everyone was discussing this, it was unexpected that Zheng Yi suddenly visited and pleaded guilty for his brother Zheng Huo’s disturbance of the academy. He urged Li Si to enter Qin, and Qin would definitely welcome him with horses and horses.

Although Qin’s existing land has long surpassed the sum of the six countries and its national power is getting stronger and stronger, Li Si still refuses to leave the academy. He has the ambition to reunify the world. He also does not want his close friend Han Feizi to suffer. Seeing South Korea is at stake. Han Feizi is capable of making good judgments, knowing that South Korea has a clear life and death, and will definitely not deceive himself, so he persuades Li Si to enter the Qin Dynasty. It just so happens that Mu Ge is going to Xianyang to write a book and invite him to go with him.

Before leaving, Li Si went to see Xunzi alone, asking him to answer questions for himself. Because Xunzi is very particular about methods in running a school and educating people, he used a few short words to let Li Si understand that the unity of the world is not only in the territory of the city, but in the cultural unity, the world is one family.

Now that Ying Yiren’s body is getting weaker and weaker, the Empress Dowager Huayang heard that Lu Buwei had sent someone to Qi Xuncai, and she knew that he was going to exchange blood for the Qin court. If he continued to indulge himself, he would be full of foreign scholars. Mi’s foothold.

Lu Buwei and Ying Yiren discussed the military parade. He believed that this military parade was different from the past and should take the opportunity to inspire the Chinese people. Ying Yiren handed the soldier amulet to Lu Buwei and let him be responsible for this matter.

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