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The moon is cold and crumbles


I became a friend, manager, and sex partner of Yun Hae-woo, who has been in unrequited love for 12 years. Shinwol, who knows Haewoo’s light love view, vows that she will never reveal my feelings.

[In the text]

“… … .”
“Where am I not sure about you?”

Not suitable for the season, warm lips like spring breeze touched the earlobe. The heart, which had melted and frozen at that body temperature, fell under my feet. The heart fell off because it couldn’t bear the weight, but it was so cold that I couldn’t even think of picking it up again.

Feelings burst out of my heart that was torn by the warmth.

The moon is cold and crumbles
Associated Names: 달은 차고 이지러진다
Genres: Boys’ Love (BL)
Year: N/A
Status: Volume 2, Special Side Story (Completed)

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