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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Wo returned to the company, but found that all the employees of the company had disappeared. He quickly asked Deng Li what was going on. Deng Li said that after Lin Wo got most of the shares, Vivian withdrew shares, and Wei Wei’an’s stock withdrawal took away most of the company’s employees. Now there are only two people left in the company, he and Lin Wo, and the headhunting company relies on the boss’ contacts.

This company can’t be opened anymore, Deng Li Persuaded Lin Wo to resell all these things left over from the company as much as possible, and then throw away the shares and leave. Lin Wo did not agree. He believed that he must run the company well and definitely not smash the company’s signboard, so she asked Deng Li to sort out all the company’s customer information for her in the past few years. She asked for one. One contacted these companies and asked if they had any needs. Find some investors to contact.

However, due to Vivienne’s withdrawal of shares caused volatility in the industry, almost all companies no longer agreed to cooperate with the company, and no investors were willing to favor such a company. Lin Wo ran into a wall for a while, and he also Can’t think of a better way, and suddenly a glimmer of light appeared at this time, and an investor was willing to see Lin Wo. Lin Wo decided to seize this last opportunity. Just when they were about to go out, suddenly a previous customer came to the door and clamored to see Tang Yaofeng. It turned out that this was a customer whom Tang Yaofeng was in charge of before. He introduced him to him.

After working at the Xinnan factory, the other party suddenly added a lot of strict clauses to the contract, forcing them to resign, so they thought it was very unfair. They found a headhunting company and wanted to think about the next step, but didn’t want Tang Yaofeng to tell. He, he has resigned from the company, so even if the tracking period on the contract has not ended, he will not care about the case anymore. The other party thinks that Tang Yaofeng is shirking responsibility, so he found the company.

This matter has nothing to do with Lin Wo. As long as he is clear, now that the company has changed the person in charge, he can draw a clear line with this case, but Lin Wo said that the most important thing now is the reputation of the industry. He wanted to take responsibility for this matter to the end, so he decided to go to the Xinnan factory to check it out to understand why the company had forced these employees away.

After Gao Shan entered the company, the first case that was taken over was the Xinnan factory. Skyscraper is currently helping Xinnan prepare for listing information. They need to investigate the internal situation of the factory. Gao Shan brought Su Yuan to the factory, but found that Sun Li’s subordinates were also here. The other party had obviously arrived earlier than them. Many. Looking at the other person’s preparedness, Gao Shan told Su Yuan that he must not take it lightly.

When the two were inspecting the factory, suddenly a worker accidentally bumped into another worker while he was moving the original. The two even got into a big quarrel. During the quarrel, it even triggered a riot in the factory. Lin Wo just rushed to the scene at this time. He hurried forward to persuade him to fight, but was directly beaten out. Gao Shan saw Lin Wo was actually here, and immediately picked up the injured Lin Wo and sent him to the hospital.

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