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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 10 Plot

Qin Shengsheng explained to Lin Wo about her relationship with Zheng Wanying, but Lin Wo neither believed Qin Shengsheng’s words nor forgave Qin Shengsheng for what he did to her mother, but she promised that Qin Shengsheng would abide by her promise and return to Dalong for an internship. In Guangzhou, Qin Shengsheng said that in the next five months, she will serve as Zheng Wanying’s assistant. Her responsibility is to assist her in listing and Dalong’s personnel issues, and to complete all the problems explained. Lin Wo is very angry.

Gao Shan always reminded himself that he was not qualified to fall in love with anyone before he defeated Qin Shengsheng. When Lin Wo came home, Wu Dongna told her that she vented and felt better. Lin Wo told Wu Dongna that she was going to work in Dalong. The 500,000 lent to Fang Hua was borrowed from Qin Shengsheng. Wu Dongna felt that Lin Wo was stupid. Because once Lin Wo asked for Qin Shengsheng’s money, he would fall into Qin Shengsheng’s control.

Wan Jia and he regained consciousness, and everyone went to the hospital to visit him together. Wan Jia and thanked everyone for helping him restore his reputation. After he walked away from the ghost gate this time, he thought it through and planned to go back to his hometown to develop after he recuperated. In the first place, everyone supported Wan Jiahe’s idea. Gao Shan felt very guilty in his heart. Wan Jiahe left other people behind and wanted to talk to him. Gao Shan apologized to Wan Jiahe.

Wan Jiahe said that he knew that skyscrapers were not. The end of Gaoshan, but he reminded Gaoshan that Sun Li is not a good leader. He is a dangerous opponent. Gaoshan has a paranoid personality and easy to go astray. Wan Jiahe does not want him to become himself. Gaoshan said that there is no such thing in his own world. The deserter had no retreat now, and then Gao Gao walked out of the ward, thanked Lin Wo, and left. Due to Wan Jiahe’s affairs, Mr. Luo stopped Sun Li’s promotion.

Du Fei reported to Sun Li that Gao Shan secretly transferred a sum of 200,000 yuan for the operation to Wan Jiahe. Sun Li felt that it was tricky. He couldn’t bear Gao Gao lying to himself. He sent someone to send a letter to the second group. In the email, Du Fei told everyone that from today onwards, one group and two groups will be officially merged under the supervision of Sun Li. Sun Li said that he would invite the second group to Wangjiang Pavilion for dinner in the evening, but everyone was unwilling to go.

Du Fei asked Gaoshan to move Walking with him with his luggage, Du Fei said that Mr. Luo was very angry about Wanjia’s peace. Someone needs to take care of this matter. If Gao Shan carries the thunder for Sun Li, Sun Li will be very grateful to him. When the storm passes, he will Gaoshan was transferred to the core project team, but currently Gaoshan needs to start from the basic work of the press room.

Gao Gao came to the printing room with his luggage to do miscellaneous work. Although he knew it would be difficult to go back for a while, he persisted in order to get revenge.

In the evening, all the people from the previous group of Sun Li’s dinner came, but no one from the second group. Du Fei told Sun Li that Gao Shan stayed obediently in the printing room and did not resist. Sun Li decided that Gao Shan must have some secret. Remaining in the Skyscraper, let Du Fei continue to stare at the mountain, don’t let him idle, when the pressure of the mountain reaches its limit, the answer will naturally surface.

Gao Shan returned home, thinking of Qin Shengsheng’s sudden withdrawal of capital and driving his father to a dead end, and thought that Sun Li sent him to the printing room to defeat him, but this was nothing compared to the darkness of the past.

Lin Wo went to Dalong to report. Zheng Wanying said Lin Wo was her special assistant, so Lin Wo must obey her arrangements. Sister Liu from the printing room arranged a lot of work for Gao Shan. When Su Yuan went to visit Gao Shan in the printing room, she said that Gu Xiaobing was fired because he did not attend Sun Li’s banquet.

Zheng Wanying took Lin Wo to the Skyscraper to meet with Sun Li and introduced Lin Wo as Qin Shengsheng’s daughter and her assistant. At this time, Sun Li knew Lin Wo’s identity and immediately changed his face and began to compliment Lin Wo. Zheng Wanying expressed that the retail giant Yijia Department Store intends to sell, and hopes that Sun Li can send someone to Yijia Department Store to find out the situation, and then let Lin Wo represent Dalong to attend the next negotiation.

Su Yuan told Gaoshan that Dalong sent people to the skyscraper to negotiate and set up a special team to deal with the project. Gaoshan felt that this matter could be used to deal with Qin Shengsheng. Lin Wo went to the Wen Printing Office to print the Yijia Department Store’s sales data map. She happened to meet Gao Shan and said that after Fonda was sold, she worked as a part-time leader to work with the skyscraper. Lin Wo guessed that Gao Shan was demoted to the Wen Printing Room by Sun Li. She told Gao Shan that Dalong was interested in Yijia Department Store and wanted to buy it. Gao Shan wanted Lin Wo to do him a favor.

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