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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 8 Plot

Lin Wo entered Gaoshan’s home smoothly. Su Yuan took cover for her and deliberately pulled Gaoshan to look at the house, while Linwo secretly searched for the secret that Gaoshan hid in the house. At this time, Wu Dongna rang the doorbell of Gao Shan’s house. She pretended to be thirsty and asked Gao Gao to get her a bottle of mineral water. Su Yuan also took the opportunity to take off her clothes and lay in the quilt. Wu Dongna entered the bedroom because she wanted to delay. It was panic.

Gao Shan realized that something was wrong with Su Yuan, so he hurried to the secret room at home and found Lin Wo, but he still hadn’t had time to stop her. The curtain at home was torn open by Lin Wo, and there were some unintelligible murals inside. Lin Wo asked who he was and what the murals meant. Gao Shan did not want Su Yuan and Wu Dongna to know, so he locked them out. He lied that the murals were his way of decompression, but Lin Wo did not believe him. Su Yuan outside the door heard the dispute between Gao Shan and Lin Wo and explained that he wanted to investigate Gao Shan.

Lin Wo confessed to Gao Shan that the anonymous email he had received before was his work and he taught him how to obey Wan Jiahe. Gao Shan was a bit angry. He explained to Lin Wo that the reserve price had nothing to do with him. The two had a heated argument. Gao Shan drove Lin Wo out in a rage.

Lin I think it’s hard to continue the investigation. Su Yuan caught up with Lin Wo and said that Gao Shan was calling a mysterious person in the room with a strange expression. He arranged to meet at four in the afternoon. Lin Wo decided to try again. Wu Dongna followed He came up and accused Lin Wo of doubting Gao Shan without asking her beforehand, but knew that Lin Wo wanted to find evidence to prove Gao Shan’s innocence.

Seeing everyone left, Gao Shan slowly opened the curtains at home. In order to dispel the suspicion of others, he deliberately created another truth. The mural is only a cover. Underneath it is the reason why he chose the reality of the skyscraper, and he must be conservative. It turned out that he was trying to avenge his father and revenge against Qin Shengsheng.

Lin Wo and Su Yuan followed Gao Shan and found that Gao Shan met with Asong who was pretending to be Zhao Xiaomo, and gave him a sum of money. After the mountain walked away, the two stopped Asong.

Gao Shan reported to Sun Li about Asong’s situation. At this time, Lin Wo and Su Yuan took Asong to see President Luo, saying that they wanted to seek justice for Wan Jiahe. Sun Li stopped Lin Wo and Su Yuan, Lin Wo told everyone Wan Jiahe is innocent. He has never betrayed a skyscraper. Sun Li took Lin Wo to the meeting room to talk. Lin Wo asked for a full recording. Sun Li agreed. Sun Li gave Lin Wo a copy of the documents he found in Wan Jiahe’s drawer.

Lin Wo discovered that Wan Jiahe did have a relationship with Jin Shi, she couldn’t believe it, but in fact, this document was prepared by Asong according to Sun Li’s instructions early in the morning. Asong said that he could not cooperate with Lin Wo to let Fangda push the blame. Being clean, this makes Linwo difficult to argue. Linwo told Gaoshan to tell the truth, while Gaoshan claimed that he had never given Asong money or knew Asong. Linwo was so angry that he slapped Gaoshan and said that he did not Will give up.

Gao Shan suddenly realized that Sun Li wanted to use A Song to lure Lin Wo into the bait, just to test him. Then Lin Wo made trouble in the skyscraper and the security drove her away. Su Yuan received a call from his father, and his father was very angry that he had mixed up some mess. He stopped his bank card when Gao Shan came, and Su Yuan asked Gao Shan why he wanted to inform his father. Gao Shan did not give much explanation. Su Yuan received a call from Lin Wo and learned that Wan Jiahe’s condition had deteriorated, so he hurried to the hospital.

Gao Shan brought a lawyer to the hospital to negotiate with Fang Hua. Lin Wo and Su Yuan came to drive Gao Shan and the lawyer away. Wan Jia and the craniotomy cost 500,000 yuan. Fang Hua couldn’t spend so much money for a while, Lin Wo had to ask Dad Qin Shengsheng asked for help. She went to Qin Shengsheng, but Qin Shengsheng was not there, and left the matter to Zheng Wanying. Lin Wo borrowed 500,000 from Zheng Wanying, but Zheng Wanying refused. Lin Wo felt that Zheng Wanying was playing her and was very angry. The investigation found that Wan Jiahe had no operation fees.

Lin Wo would definitely ask Qin Shengsheng to borrow money. So Lin Wo was asked to return to Dalong for five months to offset the loan. Lin Wo agreed and she took the money to the hospital to pay. It was discovered that someone had already paid 200,000 for the operation. In order for Fang Hua to accept the money, Lin Wo lied that Wan Jiahe had lent money to her before, and now the money is returned to Wan Jiahe. Fang Hua thanked Lin Wo for giving charcoal in the snow.

When Lin Wo was having dinner with Su Yuan, he heard someone discussing that skyscraper employees jumped off the building. Lin Wo planned to use public opinion to help Wan Jia and seek justice. They wanted to find out from the media about Wan Jia and the jumping off the building, so that they would come up with hot searches.

Lin Wo called To Fang Hua, I wanted to make Wan Jia and the depression public. Fang Hua agreed. The two left the restaurant, but they didn’t know that Gao Shan was sitting near them. Hearing their conversation, they were talking about the skyscraper employee jumping off the building. Gaoshan sent someone to tell Lin Wo on purpose.

Wu Dongna just got home from a business trip. Lin Wo told her that she was planning to do a report on the survival of investment bankers, which proved that Wan Jiahe’s depression was inseparable from his work pressure and helped him get justice, but Wu Dongna didn’t want to be a birdie. .

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