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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 9 Plot

Wu Dongna thinks that Lin Wo’s curve is a way to save the country, but if she accepts an interview on behalf of Wan Jiahe, she will definitely denounce the unreasonable and cruel industry mechanism, including her company Dinghe, so she is unwilling to make this early bird, Lin Wo asked Wu Dongna to think about it in a different direction. Dinghe and Skyscraper have been working together for many years, and they have never distinguished a winner. The best way before Wu Dongna can prove that Dinghe is different from a company that only focuses on profit and squeezes employees. Stomping on the sky is a way to get the best of both worlds. Wu Dongna felt that Lin Wo’s negotiation was very advanced, and she was convinced.

As a result, Wu Dongna accepted an interview following Lin Wo’s instructions, saying that Dinghe had never squeezed any employees, and invited Fang Hua to take out Wanjiahe’s medical records and itinerary on the spot, claiming that Wanjiahe’s depression would get worse after every intensive business trip.

Sun Li found Gaoshan and asked him to look at the news on the Internet. President Luo also scolded him bloody. Faced with the pressure of public opinion, Sun Li said that now he needs to hold a press conference to clarify that Skyscraper will never escape. Gao Shan invited Fang Hua to discuss the pension.

At the Ferris press conference, Sun Li told everyone that Ferris must be responsible for Wan Jiahe’s jumping off the building and solemnly apologized to Wan Jiahe and Fang Hua on behalf of the company, and promised to help Wan Jiahe find out the facts.

Lin Wo followed Gao Shan to the platform and asked if Gao Shan had given Wan Jia and 200,000 yuan, but Gao Shan refused to admit it. Lin Wo said that he had checked the account name as Gao Gao. Gao Shan explained that the money was compensation for Wan Jiahe’s guilt. Wo knew that the waiter was also arranged by Gaoshan, but he would not be stunned, and he could continue to be responsible for Wanjiahe’s project and grasp the direction of things, but he didn’t expect Sun Li to keep a hand and almost made Gaoshan fail. Gaoshan didn’t expect Lin Woquan. You guessed it, Lin Wo reconciled with Gao Shan, and Su Yuan also understood Gao Shan.

Fangda Property came to urge the rent. At this time, Tang Yaofeng and Vivian brought Mr. Zhou over and laughed at Lin Wo for not even paying the rent. Lin Wo took the property away and Mr. Zhou chose to cooperate with Vivian. Lin Wo stayed behind and started negotiations with Mr. Zhou.

Tang Yaofeng discovered that Lin Wo was still in contact with Gao Shan, so he quietly turned on Lin Wo’s computer while Lin Wo was negotiating with Vivian, and saw Gao Shan Yue Lin Wo was eating at the Delicious Yuan restaurant at 7pm. He knew Wu Dongna liked Gao Shan. , He deliberately used Lin Wo’s WeChat account to send a message to Wu Dongna, asking her to go to the delicious yuan restaurant, Tang Yaofeng also came to the delicious yuan restaurant, let the waiter watch his gestures, and send cakes and roses to the table in Gaoshan. On the other side, Lin Wo sold Fonda.

Lin Wo took the elevator to the Yummy Yuan Restaurant. Su Yuan learned that Wu Dongna had gone to Yummy Yuan Restaurant and rushed over. At this time, the elevator had an accident. Lin Wo was trapped in the elevator. Wu Dongna went to the Yummy Yuan Restaurant and told Gao Shan Lin Wo asked her to come, Gao Shan believed it to be true, Su Yuan came to blame Gao Shan and secretly dated Wu Dongna, Gao Shan had no time to explain, and Su Yuan was very angry.

Lin Wo was rescued from the elevator. The waiter misread Tang Yaofeng’s gesture and delivered the flowers to the table. Su Yuan said that the rose was given to Lin Wo by the mountain. Wu Dongna asked Lin Wo whether he liked the mountain or not. Lin Wo still Without saying anything, Su Yuan’s friend caught Tang Yaofeng in.

Wu Dongna saw the video recorded by Tang Yaofeng and guessed that everything was arranged by Tang Yaofeng. Lin Wo asked if Tang Yaofeng had used her computer. Tang Yaofeng denied it, but the waiter admitted The flowers were given by Tang Yaofeng. Seeing that the incident was revealed, he began to insult Lin Wo. Wu Dongna couldn’t listen, so she put a plate of cake on Tang Yaofeng’s face, and Gao Shan went up to punch Tang Yaofeng.

Gao Shan wanted to send Lin Wo home for fear of being threatened by Tang Yaofeng. Wu Dongna knew that Gao Shan didn’t like herself and was a little sad. Su Yuan accompanied her to drink.

Lin Wo wanted to see the fountain. Gao Shan took her to the park to see the fountain. The two talked happily. Then Gao Shan sent Lin Wo home, and Qin Shengsheng came to see Lin Wo, but Lin Wo was very indifferent to him.

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