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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 16 Recap

Xia Ranran should assume the responsibility of the Xia family if she is sensible. She is willing to work hard to learn how to run a company well. Xia Hongyuan is very happy and asks Chen Luo to take her well. Peng Jing smiled, ironically saying that learning business is not something anyone can learn if he wants to, Xia Ranran relentlessly fought back. Lin Xiangan took Su Mo to the shop he owned. This was a wedding gift for her. He also apologized to Su Mo for the previous incident. The wall in the middle of the restaurant was painted by Xia Ranran, and Su Mo satirized Xia Ranran to please his family.

Peng Jing mentioned the hindrance of finding Su Mo as a spokesperson. She heard that she had a holiday with Xia Ranran, so she was unwilling to cooperate with them. Xia Ranran expressed that she was willing to talk to Su Mo. As the sole heir of Hongyuan Group, this was also her responsibility. Chen Luo asked Xia Ranran why Xia Ranran entered this trap. Xia Ranran knew that Xia Hongyuan meant to choose Su Mo. She was no longer the Xia Ranran she used to be, and she would not feel wronged if she pleases people who hate it. Xia Ranran suddenly asked Su Mo for dinner, and Su Mo and Lin Xiangan casually found an excuse to go to the appointment.

Shao Mingzhe asked Xia Ranran to meet up later and said that the egg roll samples were ready. Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe shared the second story of Miss Dinosaur and Miss Fox. She thought she would never meet Su Mo again, but she didn’t expect to see Su Mo again, she would become more beautiful and confident, and she had to beg she was. Xia Ranran asked Shao Mingzhe what Miss Dinosaurs should do. Su Mo came before he got a response. Shao Mingzhe kept calling, Xia Ranran hurriedly picked up and said that he was in a meeting.

Xia Ranran drank a lot of wine as soon as she came up, and then made a proposal to invite Su Mo to become the spokesperson of Hongyuan Group’s new products, and offered better conditions than Shao Kai. Su Mo did not agree, she just wanted to look at Xia Ranran and beg herself. Xia Ranran didn’t understand why Su Mo hated her so much.

Su Mo said that Xia Ranran’s family was so beautiful. She didn’t have anything but Su Mo didn’t have anything, but Xia Ranran wanted everything she wanted, Xia Ranran She asked for such a situation. Xia Ranran was angry, Lin Xiangan had nothing to do with her anymore, how long will Su Mo play pitiful! Xia Ranran gritted her teeth and said that as long as Su Mo was willing to come, she agreed to whatever conditions, Su Mo still left indifferently. Without Shao Mingzhe, Su Mo felt that she and Xia Ranran might be able to go back to the past.

Xia Ranran got drunk and returned to the company, lying on the desk and sleeping, Chen Luo hurriedly carried her into the office. Shao Mingzhe was very anxious not to be able to contact Xia Ranran, thinking that Su Mo once said that she had hurt Xia Ranran, Shao Mingzhe knew in his heart that Miss Fox is Su Mo. It was seven o’clock when Xia Ranran woke up, and only then did he receive an afternoon call from Shao Mingzhe, asking for an excuse to have an afternoon meeting. Shao Mingzhe didn’t say anything to go to the company to pick up Xia Ranran, but Chen Luo offered to take her to eat, Xia Ranran hesitated for a long time and followed Chen Luo.

Chen Luo said that Lin Xiangan invited them to attend the opening ceremony, and Xia Ranran said that he would go. As soon as the two got into the car, Shao Mingzhe arrived. He was angry when he smelled the smell of alcohol on Xia Ranran’s body. He pulled her into the car and said that he had important things to say. It was useless for Chen Luo to stop him.

After returning home, Xia Ranran began to question Shao Mingzhe. The agreement stated that she should not interfere with the other party’s personal life. However, Shao Mingzhe gave her a lesson without saying anything, and did not rush to say anything, but made a cooking. No noodles for Xia Ranran. Xia Ranran watched eagerly and began to pretend to have a stomachache, and Shao Mingzhe told her there was still in the pot. After eating and drinking, Xia Ranran was very happy, but Shao Mingzhe asked her what happened to Miss Fox.

Xia Ranran didn’t seem to care at all, indicating that Tian would take the most sincere blessings to see Lin Xiangan and Su Mo. Shao Mingzhe suddenly became nervous, saying that it would be better to look for Su Mo as a model. Xia Ranran was speechless, and then chased Shao Mingzhe to ask Shao’s attitude towards Su Mo. Shao Mingzhe watched Xia Ranran want benefits, the atmosphere was a bit ambiguous for a while, Xia Ranran hurriedly changed the subject and talked about his strengths and weaknesses.

Shao Mingzhe wanted to send Xia Ranran home, but Xia Ranran had already ordered a car. The next day, at the opening reception, Shao Kai, Chen Luo, Peng Jing and others all came. Su Mo’s attitude towards Peng Jing was not very good, and the three of them were arranged at the same table. Shao Kai determined that Su Mo would not go to Hongyuan Group and made a bet with him. The bet was a favor. Su Mo and Peng Jing were talking. Peng Jing hoped that Su Mo would be the spokesperson, but Su Mo was too lazy to respond.

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