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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 14 Recap

Li Chuyao mobilized Li Luoshu to take Shan Shan to the weekend party, and his mother heard that it was Luo Shu’s junior high school classmate who persuaded him to go. At the weekend party, Niu Siyi watched Luo Shu sitting next to Shandan looking like he was dying, and felt that the matchmaker Chang Dale was not doing well. She didn’t know that Dale was actually a drunkard who didn’t want to drink. He wanted to find opportunities to get close to her.

After a few glasses of wine, Han Zimo pulled Chu Yao’s arm by his drunkenness, and asked her aggrievedly why she didn’t want to admit that he was her boyfriend in public. Seeing that Chu Yao denied him, she asked her to kiss him in public, and everyone followed suit. Luo Shu lowered his head in a depressed mood, and Chu Yao embarrassedly kissed Zimo’s face. Zimo was very happy and his face was full of happiness.

Luo Shu went to the bathroom under the pretext of hiding out. When he went to the bathroom, he accidentally saw him sitting outside and looking at his mobile phone and walked over. Luo Shu was sorry to force her to cause her trouble. She just felt fine, so she came back. After gathering with friends, she was also very happy to see Chuchen’s sister today. She asked Luo Shu if she and Chuchen would be together if Chuchen was still there. Luo Shu felt that she would like her because Chuchen, so she asked if Luo Shu liked her. Luo Shu felt that he could not replace Chuchen.

After the party, Chuyao and Luo Shu returned home. His mother asked Luo Shu and Shan how were they talking. Luo Shu said they were just classmates. His mother blamed him for forgetting that when he was a child, he took Li Luoshu to see the little girl playing the violin, but now he is getting points. Luo Shu was about to go back to the room to rest. His mother suddenly remembered Luo Shu and asked him why he and Chu Yao hadn’t seen Luo Shu in the past few years. Luo Shu said that he had gone to university outside the city.

When I came to the company early the next day, colleagues greeted her with enthusiasm, and she was a little uncomfortable. Mr. Han asked Qi Yi how lively outside was like a vegetable market, and Qi Yi told him that Zimo and Chuyao were in love at the company. When it was made public, President Han couldn’t help being very angry. Zimo sent Chuyao to the door of his house. Chuyao was unhappy because of his love affairs in the company, but Zimo disapproved. Li’s mother took him out of the trash and saw Zimo as a Luoshu, and enthusiastically pulled him home.

Luo Shu Kan Zimo was surprised by his mother being mistaken for himself, but he still tried his best to cooperate with Zimo not to let him show off. At the dinner table, Mother Li smiled and asked Zimo which dish he liked most when he was a child. Zimo hurriedly read Luo Shu. Luo Shu gave him a wink. Zimo knowingly answered that it was a lion head. Li mother was very happy.

After eating, he sent Zimo out at the beginning, but he was not happy. Originally, he thought he was mistaken for Luoshu and he would be able to enter and leave Li’s house freely in the future. Unexpectedly, Li’s mother would treat him as a child at the dinner table. He called sister Chuyao. Chu Yao laughed at his childishness and called her sister nothing wrong. Zimo didn’t want to go to her house anymore. He told Chu Yao that if her mother asked him to go, he would say that he had gone abroad.

Luo Shu came to the company this day and was surprised to see that Shan Shan was there. She was watching the video of the last concert on the computer with Dale. The concert was very popular on the Internet. The comments below the video are all about Xinyi Technology. smart wristband. This time I just wanted to let Luo Shu listen to her voice demo. Luo Shu called her aside and handed her a commission contract. The money is not much but it is their heart. They just want to refuse but read Luo Shu’s attitude. Resolutely accepted.

Zimo ran to Lin Yu’s house and talked about his troubles. Lin Yu gave him a suggestion to let him continue to Li’s house, not only playing Luoshu but a mature man, and letting the Li family accept him, so that Li’s mother would never stop. Introduce other objects to Chuyao. Then Zimo came to Li’s house with a large bag of vegetables and a massager. Li’s mother, who was alone at home, was very happy to see him.

Zimo intends to show his hands and prepare a table of hearty dishes before the others return. He entered the kitchen hurriedly, and forgot the pot on the stove when he was making the eggplants. Li Mu saw a lot of smoke coming out of the kitchen and walked over. Suddenly she saw that the pot was on fire and couldn’t help but screamed. Run quickly, when Luo Shu and Chu Yao came back, Luo Shu quickly ran into the kitchen to put out the fire, and then took care of her frightened mother with Chu Yao.

In the evening, his mother took the medicine and fell asleep. Chu Yao called Zimo out the door angrily. Zimo kept telling her that he was too careless today. Chu Yao told him not to come to her house anymore. Luo Shu saw the massage device brought by Zimo in the living room, and there was also a small card next to it, showing the handwritten operation method. Early the next morning, he met with Zimo and told Li’s taboos that he must not let his mother see smoke and fire, and her mother was cold and could not eat seafood. Zimo could go and soak her feet when he had time.

Luo Shu also told Zimo that he was very different from Chuchen, but he got up and left when he was anxious to go to work. Zimo followed him to work in the company, taking notes like a pupil, and Dale and other colleagues were outside the meeting room. Looking around curiously, it feels like they are in class like this. In the evening, Zimo brought her mother a basin of footwashing water to help her wash her feet. Her mother was surprised and moved. Although she learned that her son was doing this to please the Li family and practiced with her first, she was still very happy and felt that his son was not in vain.

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