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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 15 Recap

In the evening, Han Zimo washed her mother’s feet and she was very moved, but Lao Han said that she was touched in vain and that her son was still a thousand miles away from growing up. The next day Chang Dale came to the company when he saw Li Luoshu and asked Zimo what happened to him before. Luo Shu told Dale’s mother that Zimo was regarded as him. He was afraid that Zimo would cause trouble, so he told him some attention in Li’s family. matter.

Dale was surprised when he heard that, Zimo came to his house pretending to be Luo Shu, should he pretend to marry Chuyao? Besides, this can only pretend that he does not believe that Zimo can play another person like Luo Shu for a lifetime, Luo Shu The book feels that this is no alternative.

Mr. Han of Longxiang and Mr. Wu, who helped each other socially, met and talked about the cooperation. Mr. Han offered two conditions. One is that Longxiang invested 60 million in the form of a company and accounted for 10% of the shares. Mr. Wu readily agreed. Mr. Han’s second condition is that he owns 5% of the shares in his own name. Mr. Wu was a little surprised when he heard that. Mr. Han told him that he was doing business to make some money to cash out later. Mr. Wu feels that it does not meet the regulations, Mr. Han believes that the regulations are set by people and can be flexible. Seeing that Mr. Wu hesitated, Mr. Han said that he would have to talk about cooperation with Xinyi Technology. Mr. Wu immediately agreed to his terms.

When Li Chuyao came home, he was surprised to see Zimo lying on the table writing something. Zimo showed Li’s mother the operation method of the massager. Li’s mother felt that he was too caring. Luo Shu told Chuyao that Zimo came last time out of good intentions. He told him that there would be nothing wrong with the precautions, so she relieved her mind. Zimo was busy pouring hot water for Li Mu to soak her feet, which made her feel embarrassed. , Chuyao saw him feel warm in his heart like this.

Luo Shu was reading on the roof platform, and Chuyao laughed that he still nestled around like he did when he was a child. When he was a child, Luo Shu brought Chuchen to his secret stronghold. Chuyao found them while they were playing. She named the secret stronghold Yaochen Bookstore. However, when they went again, they found that this stronghold had been cleaned up by sanitation workers, leaving only a wooden sign engraved with Yaochen Bookstore. Chu Yao couldn’t help feeling that it was better when he was a child.

That day, Luo Shu heard someone knock on the door at home. She was surprised when she opened the door. When her mother remembered that she could play the violin, she couldn’t help being very happy, so she quickly let her in. While mother gave the single-ended white fungus soup, Luo Shu whispered her to talk less. She only drank the white fungus soup and praised her uncle’s skill, so Li’s mother stayed at home for dinner.

Li’s mother asked Shan Shan if she would come back this time, she just looked at Luo Shu and said she couldn’t leave. Li’s mother asked her home in Hangzhou again, how are her parents, and what kind of work they do. She only said that they were doing fire fighting work. Mom can’t help but feel weird when reading Luoshu, but seeing that they are all holding hands, Anxi’s son is getting better.

Zimo got off work after Chuyao, and at Chuyao downstairs in the company, she couldn’t help but feel unhappy when she saw colleagues whispering about them. She hoped that everyone saw her ability, not the vase of the future young grandma. Zimo likes her saying that she is a young grandmother. Chuyao, who was watching Zimo’s hippie smile, pushed him away with annoyance. Zimo felt her reaction was too great, and asked her if it was embarrassing to be his girlfriend. Chu Yao just hoped that he could give her a little space while she was working.

Zimo didn’t know how much space he could give her. He installed Luoshu in her home and wanted to protect her in the company. He asked Chu Yao if he was so excessive. Chu Yao felt that he was too much. He made their relationship so public in the company. In case they weren’t together someday, she suddenly felt that she was a bit gaffe. Zimo was annoyed by this, how long did they stay together? She wanted to separate. She felt so wronged by her disbelief in his feelings, and Chuyao felt very tired in her heart and left alone.

At Li’s house, she was just wondering why Luo Shu suddenly pulled her to his room. Luo Shu reminded her what she had said just now. Then she remembered that she told Li’s mother and father that she was doing firefighting work. She knew that she had said something wrong and immediately went to Luo Shu. Apologies, Luo Shu asked her to pay attention for a while. He asked her why she was here, just to see how he played Chuchen.

Luo Shu felt that when he was a child, he was a broom star that nobody loved and loved him. Chuchen was the first friend who took the initiative to approach and cared about him. This family made him feel what love is. Without this family, there would be no him now. This is just a way for him to give back to this family. I just felt that he was too hard and asked how long he would play. Luo Shu didn’t know that he loved this home and would take care of this home for Chuchen.

After dinner, Luo Shu went out to deliver the order. He was surprised to see Chu Yao sitting on a bench by the roadside. She asked Chuyao why she was sitting here, and Chuyao smiled and said that she came out to breathe. After leaving alone, Chu Yao complained to Luo Shu that he and Zimo quarreled. After hearing the whole story, Luo Shu felt that they still needed to give each other a certain amount of space.

Luo Shu went to see Zimo this day. Seeing that he drank a lot of alcohol, he advised him to drink less. Zimo couldn’t understand that he was Chuyao’s boyfriend to pick her up from get off work. What’s wrong with him, Luo Shu told him to take her off work. No problem, but keep a low profile. He is Long Xiang’s young master. What would others think when they saw it?

Chuyao wanted to make others feel that she was worthy of the job through her own efforts. Zimo said frankly that he couldn’t help his urge to see Chuyao. Luo Shu felt that he was too idle, so he asked Zimo to evaluate his company’s products, and Zimo readily agreed. Then Zimo invited Chu Yao to dinner and told her happily about it. Chu Yao was very happy for him when he saw that he had something to do.

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