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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 16 Recap

Li Chuyao called Lin Yu. Lin Yu thought she had a problem with Han Zimo, and Chu Yao told her that there was a problem but it was a good problem. Zimo would personally help her brother do market research. Lin Yu was surprised when he heard that, Zimo and Chu Yao changed their sex shortly after they talked about it. At this time, Zimo was driving on the highway.

He was rushing to a large fitness equipment factory in Shanghai. He called Li Luoshu because he was going to do research, and he would not be able to go back to accompany Chuyao’s mother tomorrow. Luo Shu let Zi Mo pays attention to safety when driving at night. He will go back to accompany his mother tomorrow.

Mr. Wu’s product crashed and the technical staff hurriedly looked for the cause. Luo Shu also discovered this problem and found the reason. The speed of the sensors affected their servers. He hoped that Dale would change the algorithm. After studying carefully for a while, Dale suddenly came up with an idea. Although his algorithm dragged down their servers, if they modify it in the reverse direction, they can completely optimize the sensor sensitivity.

This increases the calculation speed and the performance of their products. Significantly improved. After listening to this, everyone exaggerated that Le was great. Niu Siyi praised him for opening up today, and Dale couldn’t help being a little proud.

Luo Shu believes that now they have to seize some opportunities than Wu Yajun, he asked Dale to hurry up to contact the factory, and they must first gain an advantage in the market. The technical staff on Mr. Wu also found the reason, but because the algorithm was copied, they could not change it, and other solutions such as making the product in the form of suppositories were also rejected by Mr. Wu.

This day she came to Li’s house alone, and when Luo Shu was not at home, she went to chat with Chuyao. She was very curious about how an independent person like Chuyao would be with people like Han Zimo who are idle. Chuyao laughs and Dao Zimo actually has something She is self-motivated and kind-hearted. When she was hospitalized in the early morning, Zimo secretly helped to pay for the medical expenses. She did a good job and didn’t leave her name. Just ask how she knew, Chuyao told her that Zimo later recruited her. .

He was very happy to see the product samples brought back by Dale. At the beginning, he considered transforming to fitness, not only because of Dale’s suggestion, but also because of his own selfishness. He originally made this product because of his mother’s illness, but this time it was for the early morning. Dale was very curious when he heard it. Luo Shu told him that he liked sports when he was a child, and he clamored that he would grow up as a physical education teacher to let more people. Feel the joy of sports, if their products can help more people to keep exercising, it can be regarded as fulfilling a wish in the early morning. Dale couldn’t help sighing, no wonder Luo Shu named the product Chenming. He felt that Luo Shu had been in Li’s house all his life.

Then Luo Shu excitedly took the sample and wanted to show it to Chu Yao. He didn’t expect to see everyone sitting on the sofa as soon as he entered the house. Chu Yao put his hand on Zimo and happily announced to everyone that she and Luo Shu were officially together. Parents were surprised when they heard this, and Luo Shu’s mood suddenly fell. Chu Yao asked Luo Shu what he was holding. Zimo teased that he even prepared gifts. Luo Shu smiled and put the box with the samples on the table.

At this time, Mr. Wu was very upset about the product. The female secretary walked into his office. He was sitting on the sofa with his back to the door, and let her go out without turning his head and let him be alone. Female secretary The person who told him to solve the technical problem came, and Mr. Wu turned around and saw that person was a little surprised.

Mother Li asked how old Zimo was younger than Chuyao. Zimo didn’t know what to say, so Li’s father hurriedly covered him and laughed and said that as long as the two children fell in love with each other, it was not a problem. Zimo laughed and said that his parents were very supportive of them. Li’s mother was surprised when she heard it. She remembered that Luo Shu’s father died when she was a child. Zimo looked at Luo Shu for help, and Luo Shu told her mother that his mother had remarried.

After Luo Shu and Chu Yao sent Zimo out, Mr. Fang from Wanhe Real Estate called her to find her, and Zimo drove her back to the company. When Luo Shu came home, his mother curiously asked him when Luo Shu fell in love with Chuyao. Luo Shu knew that she was referring to Zimo who pretended to be himself, but he couldn’t help but say what he was saying. Maybe it was a moment that made him realize the importance of Sister Chu Yao in his heart, that’s why this relationship changed. His mother worriedly asked him if Luo Shu would change his mind to Chuyao. Luo Shu told his mother that he could not hold anyone else in his heart.

Wanhe Real Estate is interested in a piece of land, and Fang always wants to apply for bidding funds from Long Xiang. Chuyao reported the matter to President Han, but then the board of directors only approved 50% of the funds. President Fang couldn’t help being very anxious after hearing what Chuyao said, so Chuyao promised to help him find a way. When Luo Shu accidentally heard about this, he helped her find an investor through Dale’s contacts. Dale wondered why Chuyao was with Zimo and why Luo Shu would help her. Luo Shu felt that after all these years of love Now, seeing her in trouble, I still can’t help but want to help her.

Feiyi’s products still have a flashback problem, and the sales of pre-sold products on Xinyi Technology are very high now, and colleagues are very happy. Luo Shu believes that the pre-sale is only to make up for the disadvantage of publicity. Although they are now ahead, Wu Yajun may be able to do something. He reminds everyone not to take it lightly. Sure enough, Feiyi Technology quickly repaired the crash issue. Wu Yajun and the others were very proud because Li Luoshu never dreamed that the people around him would betray him.

On this day, the friends of Xinyi Technology discovered that Feiyi Technology had repaired the defect. Da Le was surprised that they only repaired it after a short time. Xinyi Technology deciphered it. Some people speculated that Feiyi Technology had dug a great god. Da Le felt it was impossible. It is impossible to decipher it so quickly, unless Feiyi Technology detects the crash earlier than Xinyi Technology. Luo Shu asked Dale if there was room for upgrading their products. Dale told him that this was already the best version, and Luo Shu decided to postpone the launch time.

Fang Zong signed a contract with the investors introduced by Chu Yao, and he was very grateful to Chu Yao. When Chuyao went home, she told Luoshu about this matter. When she heard that Luoshu products had some problems, she wanted to help. Luoshu assured her that he could take care of it.

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