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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 18 Recap

In the evening, Li Luoshu and Li Chuyao were still discussing who leaked the secrets. Luo Shu observed that his colleagues did not find anyone suspicious, and Chuyao also ruled out Han Zimo. They really couldn’t figure out who leaked the secrets. Chuyao was very troubled. The next day, she will go to Feiyi Technology for a meeting, and Luo Shu asks her to do her work and don’t worry about him.

The next day Luo Shu was having a meeting with his colleagues to talk about the product. He was surprised to see Zimo walk in. Zimo explained that his intention was to help them catch the traitor and to clear his grievances. Everyone knows that Wu Yajun’s miniature revision is the same as theirs. Chang Dale thinks this is a problem. He reminds everyone to recall whether they have accidentally mentioned the core content of their product to anyone.

Hua Yang thinks this is a secret, who can yell to people casually, there is only great joy to talk to outsiders. Dale saw that they all looked at him and couldn’t help feeling funny. Luo Shu denied Huayang’s statement. The idea of ​​this product was proposed by Dale. If he helped Wu Yajun, why should he join Xinyi Technology? Niu Siyi told Huayang not to spit on people.

Seeing that Dale was ruled out of suspicion, Zimo began to interrogate other people, so everyone was skeptical and quarreled. Chuyao had just finished the meeting at Feiyi Technology. Hearing that Zimo had gone to Xinyi Technology, she hurriedly rushed over. At this time everyone had left and only Luoshu was still in the company. After hearing what happened, she wanted to find Zimo was stopped by Luo Shu. Chuyao asked him to comfort everyone and talked about her going to Feiyi Technology in the afternoon. Luo Shu intercepted her and refused to let her go on. He didn’t want people to say that his sister was a rape. He believed that as long as their skills were excellent It will definitely win.

In the evening, Chuyao called Zimo and asked him why he was going to her brother’s company, but Zimo angrily said why she doubted him. Chuyao explained that she just asked and didn’t really doubt him. Zimo said she was looking for a rape. He went to ask her dad now, and he hung up the phone. Chuyao hurriedly called but he hung up. Zimo came to the living room and asked his dad Wu Yajun if he had raped the undercover in Xinyi Technology’s installation. Dad said he didn’t know. Zimo accused him of helping him to abuse him, his father was very angry when he heard that, and the father and son quarreled and his mother hurriedly tried to persuade him to fight.

On the second day, Luo Shu asked the partners not to be affected by Zimo’s words. If they get messed up first, then there is really no chance. Everyone talked a lot about Zhou Lin and Hua Yang quarreling again. Some people said that they couldn’t work because they were angry. At this time Zimo came again, and he told Luo Shu that he had camped here before he caught the rape. After Chuyao heard about it, he rushed over to pull Zimo out of his mind.

Now the most important thing in Luoshu is to keep up with the progress. His heart is lost after such a trouble. Zimo felt that Ren Xin San had something to do with him, because there was a problem within the company. Seeing that Zimo couldn’t stand on the ground of others and think that the problem was caused by her own temperament, Chu Yao was very annoyed that he was disappointed by his naivety, so she turned away angrily.

Zimo felt that he was very wronged by Chu Yao for catching the traitor. He asked Qin Yun to complain about him. Li Luoshu was Chu Yao’s fake brother and she cared so much. She was his boyfriend but she didn’t care. Qin Yun said that women are like this, they will lose their temper with people close to them, and be polite to people who are not close enough.

On this day, Dale came to the company to tell everyone the good news that their products will be officially launched tomorrow, but everyone was silent after listening. It turns out that Wu Yajun has already released a new product first. Luo Shu decided that they would publish it as usual. Feiyi Technology is a copycat, and this time they can’t bow their heads anymore. However, Xinyi Technology couldn’t compete with Feiyi Technology in publicity. Chu Yao also said that they were like eggs and rocks. Seeing that she was persuading him to give up Luoshu, she couldn’t help feeling very disappointed.

The son of the emperor Mo took Chuyao off work. He told her that he had helped Luo Shu find the rape, and Xinyi Technology was saved. Chuyao hurriedly asked who it was. In the end, he said that the rape was Chang Dale, but Luo Shu did not believe him. Let Chu Yao persuade Luo Shu well. In the middle of the night, I read Luoshu and didn’t go home and didn’t answer the phone. Chuyao brought him food to the company.

As soon as she walked in and found that Luo Shu was asleep, she walked over gently. Luo Shu woke up when she heard the movement. He asked Chuyao if he had promised Wu Yajun’s terms that there would be no such troubles, he felt very sorry now. Everyone, Chu Yao comforted him not to take the responsibility on himself. Sharing responsibility is also a way to trust his partner. He can also tell his dad and her that they can help him share the burden. Luo Shu couldn’t help feeling very warm after hearing this. .

The next day Luo Shu and Chuyao went to the market to buy vegetables and fish. Zimo at the door of Li’s house couldn’t help being jealous when they saw them talking and laughing all the way. When Zimo was chatting with Li’s mother in the living room, he looked at the kitchen from time to time, and saw that Chu Yao and Luo Shu were busy in the kitchen happily. I felt a little disappointed. After the food was prepared, he deliberately changed seats with Luo Shu. Beside Chuyao. Just came when she was about to start, and Li’s mother enthusiastically invited her to sit down and eat. After eating, Chuyao asked Zimo to drive the bill back. On the way, Zimo encouraged him to confess to Luoshu and add her WeChat account to teach her how to follow Luoshu.

Shan Yi’an felt that Luo Shu’s plan was okay, and knew that they needed funds now. He assured Luo Shu that he would try his best to fight for him on the board of directors. However, the people on the board of directors are very cautious now. Online operations, and at the same time in contact with a number of investment institutions. So Luo Shu asked Niu Siyi to help him make an appointment with Long Xiang’s President Han, and then Luo Shu took his colleagues to Long Xiang to introduce their products to President Han. Chuyao accidentally discovered that Qi Yi was quietly recording with her mobile phone and couldn’t help but start her suspicion.

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