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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 19 Recap

Li Luoshu brought his partners to the mutual help social network and introduced their product solutions to President Han. During the meeting, Li Chuyao found Qi Yi secretly recording with her mobile phone, and couldn’t help but be suspicious of her. After the meeting, Chuyao quietly followed Qi Yi and watched her call Wu Yajun, who was helping each other socially, while hiding in no one. Qi Yi told Mr. Wu that the people from Xinyi Technology had just left, and they formulated a new modification plan. She assured Mr. Wu that she had recorded it and sent it to him the next day. Chuyao was surprised to hear it.

When Han Zimo came to take Chuyao to eat after get off work, she said she had left beforehand. Zimo was very annoyed and asked Qi Yi to eat. Qi Yi told him that Mr. Han seemed to be very interested in Li Luoshu’s plan today. Zimo told her a secret through drunkenness. His father did think Luoshu’s plan was good, but the price was too high and he was trying to lower the price. Qi Yi asked Mr. Han what he could do. Zimo said that his father wanted Luo Shu’s company to collapse internally, and only if the internal collapse could take the opportunity to lower the price. He told her not to tell others, especially Chu Yao. If Chu Yao knew that their father and son were calculating her brother, he would be done. Qi Yi smiled and said that she might be able to help with this.

As soon as Qi Yi left, Zimo waved at Chu Yao, who was hiding by the side, and asked triumphantly how her acting was. It turned out that Chuyao quickly told Luo Shu when he heard Qi Yi call Wu Yajun. He suspected that Qi Yi was behind the scenes, so Luo Shu contacted Zimo and asked him to perform the play.

In the evening, Luo Shu had a dinner with his friends. In order to better communicate face to face, he asked everyone to put their mobile phones on the table, and everyone smiled and did it. Just as everyone was toasting and drinking, Huayang’s cell phone rang suddenly, and his face changed when he saw Qi Yi’s call. Niu Siyi asked him when he hooked up with Qi Yi. He pretended to be okay and wanted to get the phone back. Luo Shu suddenly asked if there was anything they couldn’t listen to, so he had to withdraw his hand. Luo Shu pulls the phone to connect to the phone. Qi Yi’s voice came out. She asked Huayang what was going on. Mr. Wu had urged her several times. Didn’t the two million Huayang get all of it? Where is the core information? It’s his deadline.

Everyone knew that Hua Yang was the real rapist and couldn’t help being very angry. Luo Shu wanted to know why he did this. Huayang admitted that he did this, but all of the reasons are because of an outsider in Dale. If it weren’t for him, their products could be sold for 12 million yuan, and their company would not be where it is today. . Huayang said that he was selling his own part of his efforts. When Dale heard it, he was angry. He said that this is the common effort of everyone. Twelve million is a merger or acquisition. In terms of their current technology, put it in other The value of this field will far exceed twelve million. Hua Yang sold everyone’s hard work for his own selfish desires, and Da Le angrily scolded him as shameless.

The two quarreled and almost started. Luo Shu told Hua Yang to leave. Hua Yang picked up his mobile phone and left. Luo Shu picked up the bottle in front of him and drank. Everyone feels uncomfortable being betrayed by a partner who gets along day and night. At the beginning of the evening, she received a call from Luo Shu. Hearing his voice, she knew that she was drinking too much, so she picked him up and went home. Early the next morning, when Luo Shu got up, he heard that Chu Yao had picked him up last night. He hurriedly asked himself if he didn’t say anything. Chu Yao said that what he said was impossible in this home.

It turned out that when Chuyao went to pick up Luo Shu last night, he was drunk and grabbed her hand and called her Chuyao. Chuyao couldn’t help being surprised when he heard him call her by name. Luo Shu said that he had protected her since he was a child and why he called her. sister. Chu Yao laughed at him when he called a sister so wronged? Luo Shu confessed to her that he didn’t like calling her sister because he liked her, not because his sister and brother liked her. He said that he was dizzy and weakly leaning on his sister’s shoulder.

Chuyao couldn’t help being surprised when she heard Luo Shu’s confession, but the next day she didn’t tell Luo Shu what he said last night. She only said that he didn’t want to call her sister that much, so she pinched his arm. Luo Shu I can’t remember what I said last night. She told him that his sister will always be his sister, and she will use her strength to prove who they care for whom. When Luo Shu heard Chuyao talking inexplicably, he called Dale. He felt that he did say something to her last night. Dale said that Luo Shu should have confessed to Chuyao because he was with everyone last night. He kept saying that he didn’t want to be his sister forever.

The next day Huayang went to the company to find Qi Yi and said that her phone call had killed him miserably. He is now leaving Xinyi Technology, and he asked her to recommend him to Feiyi Technology. When Luo Shu came to the company, Niu Siyi gave him a lawyer’s letter. It turned out that Wu Yajun accused them of infringement, saying that Xinyi stole Feiyi’s patented technology. Dale wanted to go back to Beijing to collect evidence that Wu Yajun had plagiarized them, and then proceed with a counter-suit against them for infringement. At first, Luo Shu did not agree that it was too dangerous for Dale. Niu Siyi persuaded Luo Shu to let Dale go, so that Mind Technology could turn passive into active.

That day Wu Yajun came to Longxiang to find President Han and told him that Xinyi Technology had stolen their patented technology. Then Chu Yao called Luo Shu and said that Longxiang’s board of directors rejected Xinyi Technology’s funding application. The runner-up is related. The board of directors of Longtian Group also learned that Xinyi Technology was suspected of plagiarism, and not only did not agree to additional investment, but also terminated the cooperation with Xinyi. Vena was very disappointed, but he decided to look for other investments, otherwise he would be sorry for Dale to buy time for them. However, other companies that were originally interested in science and technology refused to cooperate with them.

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