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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 11 Recap

The Meng Tian brothers came to see Ying Zheng quietly. Tell Ying Zheng that now all the people outside are from the Queen Mother of Huayang. From Meng Tian’s mouth, Ying Zheng learned the current rumors about him. After hearing this, Ying Zheng became furious and wanted to see Zhao Ji. He put on Meng Yi’s clothes and quietly left the imprisoned place. When they came to the place where Zhao Ji was imprisoned, they saw Ying Xi here. Can’t go in now. Ying Zheng could only go to the grandmother and the queen mother.

When Ying Zheng came to find the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother had already taken Dong’er out of the palace, and the Queen Mother came up with Gong Zhao Lu Buwei to rescue King Qin. Only then did Ying Zheng know what happened after he was detained.

At this time, Lu Buwei also heard that Xianyang City had been rumoring that Ying Zheng was the illegitimate son of Lu Buwei and the Queen. Lu Buwei felt that something was wrong. Convene cronies to discuss this matter. Some ministers also gathered around the door of Yingxi’s house, wanting to discuss this matter with him. It’s a pity that Ying Xi has never been home. Someone saw that this was a play arranged deliberately. Someone deliberately framed it. At this time, someone suggested that Ying Xiu be the King of Qin, so that there is no need to consider Ying Zheng’s lineage.

Zhao Ji begged to win and save King Qin and Ying Zheng, but when he wins, she wants to be King of Qin herself, and regrets that she didn’t kill and win the foreigner. Ying Zheng found Bai Shang in the palace, hoping that he could take himself out of the palace.

Lu Buwei called a hundred officials to discuss matters. Unfortunately, there was no Qin clan. Lu Buwei said that there are three powers in the court, and all those present here are foreign guests. Everyone told Lu Buwei that he was playing for Qin. Lu Buwei told everyone that the important thing right now is Prince Li. To establish Yingzheng as the prince is the meaning of King Qin.

On the other side, Qin’s clan wanted to know if Ying Zheng was King Qin’s child. Bai Shang hid Ying Zheng in a secret place. When it was getting dark, he left with Yingzheng. But they met Qin Bing. Bai was injured, but Ying Zheng escaped from the palace in the end.

Lu Buwei and others discussed the rescue of King Qin and Ying Zheng, but they did not know the situation in the palace. Don’t dare to act rashly. At this time, Ying Zheng came to Lu Buwei’s house. Ying Zheng asked Lu Buwei about his rumors. Lu Buwei told Ying Zheng that he was the son of King Qin. Ying Zheng asked Lu Buwei why he always took care of himself.

Lu Buwei could not answer. Ying Zheng put the knife on Lu Buwei’s neck. Lu Buwei told Ying Zheng that he was the son of Ying’s. Ying Zheng said that if Lu Buwei was his biological father, he would give up everything and leave Qin with Lu Buwei. But Lu Buwei is willing to die for the innocence of Yingzheng. Ying Zheng was stimulated and ran out of the house, and ran out on horseback, while Lu Buwei followed him on horseback.

Lu Buwei persuaded Yingzheng, now is the moment of crisis, Yingzheng cannot be entangled with his own life experience. Lu Buwei told Yingzheng that as long as he keeps his heart, he will not be hurt by the rumors. As long as Yingzheng seizes the opportunity, he will be invincible, and these subjects who support him can help him. Ying Zheng was moved by Lu Buwei’s words.

Emperor Huayang later met King Qin, and King Qin told her that if Cheng Yu became the prince, the Queen Mother would take control of the court. Will begin to deal with the foreign guest Qing, Qin Chaotang will be chaotic, how can the Six Kingdoms be brought down?

Now that Lu Buwei and others understand the form, General Meng will lead his troops into the palace to rescue King Qin. Ying Zheng also wanted to enter the palace together, but everyone persuaded Ying Zheng to put the overall situation first. Lu Buwei wanted to enter the palace with a hundred officials, but was blocked.

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