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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 12 Recap

All the officials of Qin’s clan were stopped outside the palace. At this time, Meng Wu brought 10,000 elite soldiers to clear the way for the officials. Forcibly opened the palace gate. At this time, Ying Zheng told Fan Yuqi that he could take advantage of the forces in the palace to go to the front door to deal with the elite soldiers, and they could sneak in from other places in the palace to rescue Ying Renren.

Ying Yiren’s body is no longer good, and he may die soon. The Empress Dowager Huayang saw the elite soldiers transferred by Lu Buwei and asked her brother Yang Quanjun to lead his troops to resist. Yangquanjun and Lu Buwei started a quarrel. Li Si and others watched the excitement outside the palace until they learned about the changes in the palace today.

Zhao Ji asked to win, saying that if Ying Yan died, she would kill herself. She wanted to die with Ying Yan. Zhao Ji told Ying Xi that after Ying Yi Ren became the king of Qin, he was not happy. Become very busy, now he has to die for the throne. Zhao Ji told Ying Xi that he hoped that he would not become unhappy after he became the king. Zhao Ji’s words made Ying Xi an epiphany. He told Zhao Ji that he wanted Ying Zheng to become the king of Qin. He took Zhao Ji away.

The guards broke in and took away Mrs. Han, and wanted to kill Ying Renren. Fortunately, Ying Zheng arrived at this time. Ying Zheng went to rescue Zhao Ji with Ying Yiren on his back, but suddenly met Zhao Ji and Ying Xi on the road. Several people rushed to Zhangtai Palace to prevent everyone from fighting.

Just when the two sides were preparing to do something, Ying Yiren and others appeared, preventing the fight. The Queen Mother Hua Yang came to the court, but Baiguan did not salute the Queen Mother. After the queen mother was polite, Lu Buwei asked the queen mother what’s the explanation for today’s affairs. The Queen Mother Huayang admitted that all of these were done by herself. At this time, the punishment of Ying Yiren came, and Jun Yang was ransacked and assigned to the frontier. The Queen Mother Huayang was confined to Huayang Palace. The rest are handled by Lu Buwei.

Lu Buwei and several ministers came to meet Ying Yiren, and Ying Yiren announced Li Yingzheng as the crown prince in front of them, and announced to the world. He also appointed several ministers and appointed them to be noblemen, so that they could assist Yingzheng in the future. Lu Buwei also promised that he would do his best to assist the prince. Winning will return the Yingying Sword to Yingzheng. After the ministers leave. Ying Yiren fell on the bed. His body is almost coming to an end.

Ying Yiren told Ying Zheng that only Qin State has been developing for so many years. They want it for the world. Ying Yiren told Ying Zheng that the Western Zhou Dynasty was because of the excessive power of the courtiers and the division of feudalism, which led to so many years of melee. The world is about to be unified, so that the people of the world will no longer suffer, power should be held in one person’s hand. Ying Yiren also wants Ying Zheng to participate in the military parade with him tomorrow. After Li Si came to Xianyang and saw the situation in Qin, the eldest of the two sons of Ying Yiren was only in his teens. He began to think about where he should go.

The parade celebration is here. King Qin Ying Yiren obviously showed a bad physical condition. In the carriage, it also relies on Yingzheng to support. But this military parade allowed the people and the other six countries to see the power of Qin. Ying Yiren handed over the right to speak to Ying Zheng and let Ying Zheng speak. Ying Zheng’s words inspired the army. He told everyone that only by unification can peace be forever. Soldiers and people sang war hymns. Li Si watched all this in the crowd, and he seemed to have a direction again. At this moment, Ying Yiren closed his eyes. Ying Zheng knew that Ying Yiren Zi Chu had passed away.

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