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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 16 Recap

Li Si confided that King Han wanted to repair Qin Qin, Zheng Guo asked Li Si to keep a secret and help himself. Li Si calculated that this matter would benefit Qin and agreed to Zheng Guo. Lu Buwei was banqueting envoys. Wang Wan was about to enter the residence and was stopped by Li Si. Li Si told Wang Wan that Han Shi Zheng Guo was a major water conservator. Wang Wan told Li Si that King Qin was asking him, and Li Si was pleasantly surprised.

At the banquet at the Xiangfu, Mao praised Prince Zhao and Yong Xianming, and Lu Buwei’s internal calculations. Wang Wan joined the meeting and asked Zheng Guo to show his water conservancy ability, but Lu Buwei remained calm. After the banquet, Lu Buwei summoned Yao Jia, Wang Wan and Gan Luo to discuss Zheng Guo’s strategy to repair the canal. Lu Buwei also invited Mao Sui to ask about Zhao Wang’s physical condition.

Zheng Guo pretended to return to Korea, but was stopped by Wang Wan. Lu Buwei presented the gifts from the Six Nations to Zhao Ji, and Zhao Ji advised Lu Buwei to discuss with Yingzheng more when dealing with government affairs. Lu Buwei wanted to make Zhao Tie’s entry into the Qin as his hostage, and make the mischievous Zhao Yan the king, in order to disrupt the state of Zhao, and sent Yao Jia to the country of Zhao as an envoy to launch an action to make Zhao’s entry into the Qin as a hostage. Zheng Guo stayed in Qin to repair the canal, Han Wang was proud, and Han Fei persuaded him to be reprimanded by Han Wang.

Meng Yi and Ying Zheng first found the Xuegong where Zhao Ji was imprisoned. Seeing that Ying Xi was in the temple, they knew that something was wrong, so they wanted to find the Queen Mother. Ying Zheng did not find the Queen Mother Xia in the palace, and learned that Meng Tian and Meng Yi had come as a general’s carriage, so he went to look for the Langguan.

In the morning of the second day, Wang Wan hurriedly informed Lu Buwei about the palace change and the rumors. Lu Buwei looked nervous after hearing this, and immediately contacted the officials to discuss the strategy to rescue the foreigner, but whether this matter can be successful, it is with Yingzheng. Get out smoothly.

The clan learned about the rumors of Ying Zheng’s life and discussed what should be done. Yingyu proposed to elect Yinglai to become the King of Qin, which would severely inflict foreign visitors and the Chu clan, and let the clan regain power in Qin. The clan members were very moved.

In the Snow Palace, Zhao Ji begged Winning to save the foreigner and Ying Zheng. Winning means that there are no brothers between the thrones. If there is a civil strife, he can justly produce civil strife and become the king of Qin. At the same time, Gongzidian and Gongziqi came to the prime minister’s house to discuss matters together. Lu Buwei picked up the three forces of Qin, but attracted opposition from outsiders. They left their homes to come to Qin and never felt that they were outsiders.

At this time, Ying Zheng and Meng Yi found General Baishang. They drove out of the city at night, but were stopped by Yangquan Jun Qianchen’s troops. In order to save Yingzheng, Baishang directly created the gate of the palace. Unfortunately, they were killed by an arrow while driving. Yi fought hard to escape.

Yingzheng’s escape made the Queen Mother Huayang angry. Regarding Meng Tian’s stealing and changing posts, the Queen Mother Huayang could not condemn Meng Tian. In the prime minister’s mansion, there is still a heated discussion about how to rescue Ying Zheng and the king. The most important thing to prevent is the burning of jade and stone. Just as everyone was at a loss, Xiao Si came to inform the general that the carriage was back. Lu Buwei hurried out to look for the vehicle. .

Yingzheng questioned whether Lu Buwei was his biological father. Lu Buwei loved Yingzheng from the heart. Yingzheng and Lu Buwei looked at the great rivers and mountains under the heavy rain. Yingzheng decided to cheer up again and swear to pay for the great rivers and mountains.

Lu Buwei led troops into the hall to rescue the king and queen on the second day. Yingzheng also participated in the rescue. The officials refused, so Lu Buwei exhorted Yingzheng to give up entering the palace. Early the next morning, Lu Buwei’s entry into Zhangtai Palace was really obstructed, and he had no choice but to rush.

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