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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 17 Recap

In order to avoid Zhao Ji from getting too close to herself, Lu Buwei sent her to the palace. Zhao Ji was angry but she still left her. Wang Wan told Lu Buwei that Li Si was leaving. Lu Buwei tempted Li Si, and Li Si indicated that he only wanted to assist King Qin, so Lu Buwei appoints Li Si to be the official.

Zheng Huo reminded Lu Buwei that Li Si was very ambitious. Lu Buwei was confident that he could control the situation and didn’t care. After staying in Ganquan Palace for one night, Lu Buwei returned to Xiangfu. Lu Buwei sent her to the palace as a monk on the grounds of criminal history.

Lai Xiao was sent to Zhao Ji’s couch, and Li Si was arranged to be a man by King Qin. Fan Yuqi was ordered by Qin Wangzheng to test Li Si, and Li Si readily accepted. Zhao Wangdan summoned Lianpo and Mao Sui to discuss the matter of the prince’s entry into the Qin Dynasty. Zhao Yan and Guo Kai thought that they succeeded in their strategy and celebrated happily.

The Queen Mother Huayang and Yangquan Jun Mi conspired to establish Cheng Yu as the prince. It turned out that the content written in the silk book was Chu State’s support for Cheng Yu as the king, which also became the wish of Hua Yang Queen Mother. With the backing of Chu, the Empress Dowager Huayang felt that she was bound to win. Cheng Yu was the blood of South Korea and the royal family of Qin. She would never allow Qin, who had worked so hard to manage and prosper by the Queen Mother, to be taken away.

Ying Zi Chu, who made the decision, called Ying Zheng to his side. He was increasingly dealing with government affairs, but he didn’t realize that his child had grown up. Ying Zi Chu Yu earnestly warned Ying Zheng, I hope he can let Da Qin take a different path. .

Ying Zheng rushed all the way, even if he knocked down his attendants, it was hard to hide his excitement. He couldn’t wait to inform Zhao Ji about the victory of Chu Yuli, the prince, and Zhao Ji cried with joy. The mother and son hugged each other, and the days of being under the fence for many years were about to endure.

Outside Hangu Pass, Li Si enters Qin to prepare for his grand aspirations. Lu Buwei prepared for the military parade and handed the tiger charms to the general Mengwu himself. The military parade even required 10,000 elite armors. Lu Buwei was worried that the family banquet would change, and even more so that Meng Tian and Meng Yi stayed in step to ensure the safety of Ying Zheng. Chunshen Jun kept seeing the Queen Mother secretly and kept Lu Buwei in his heart. He was worried that Qin State would change and had to beware.

The royal family banquet arrived as scheduled, and the guests gathered. The Queen Mother Huayang arranged for an actress to insult Zhao Ji, and Ying Zheng was angry and killed him. In front of the Great King’s Frame, Qin Law was not allowed to kill people in public, and Ying Zi Chu ordered Ying Zheng and Zhao Ji to be imprisoned temporarily in the Xue Palace, and he also vomited blood into a coma. Winning Zichu knew that he was dead soon and wanted to pass Lu Buwei, but the queen mother ordered to surround the king’s palace and not let anyone go out to pass the pass.

The Empress Dowager Huayang took the opportunity to take control of the royal city to launch a coup, and ordered Yang Quanjun to spread a rumor that Ying Zheng was not the birthplace of the winning son, Chu, and inserted Mi Qi and Mi Dian into Lu Buwei’s forces to stay behind. This failed Mi’s family still has a silver lining.

Tai Hua Yang went to Ying Zi Chu’s bedroom, let Ying Zi Chu Licheng become the prince, and exiled Ying Zheng. Ying Zichu became more ill by the empress dowager Huayang, vomiting blood in a trance.

Ying Xi threatened Xue Gong’s guards to meet Zhao Ji, and asked Zhao Ji Yingzheng personally if he was the king’s own flesh and blood. Zhao Ji was angry and slapped several slaps in the victory and threatened to hit anyone who dares to tarnish the reputation of the king.

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