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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 19 Recap

While Wang Wan was rushing and begging for Li Si, unexpectedly Li Si raised his voice to criticize Da Qin’s arrogance and want to cannibalize, calling the tiger wolf in vain, making him almost provoke killing. Fortunately, Ying Zheng thought that Li Si was loyal to his ears, and he kept his life for the time being, and he succeeded him as the official, and was on duty at night as usual.

After this incident, Wang Wan personally invited Li Si to drink, and the two of them fell in love with each other, and the friendship was even further enhanced. Yao Jia’s return journey is just around the corner, and Prince Zhao will also enter Qin as a host. Wang Wan heard that Ying Zheng stayed alone in the study for a long time, because he guessed that there would be an abnormal behavior next, and simply told Li Si about Ying Zheng’s experience in Handan. The grudge between him and Zhao Tong.

Ying Zheng implored Lu Buwei to let him dispose of Zhao Tu on his own, in order to avenge his mother and murder. However, Lu Buwei considered that Qin and Zhao had just formed an alliance and should not regain suspicion, so he decisively refused.

That night, Ying Zheng recalled what Li Si had said in the day, and realized the so-called useless ruling. He declared Li Si into the hall and asked the other party how he thought of the enemy who had insulted him. Li Si responded with the allusions of the king of Yue and pointed out that Ying Zheng and Lu Buwei called Zhao Yu into the Qin goal, which made Ying Zheng secretly surprised, and the depression in his chest suddenly disappeared.

Zhao Yan and Guo Kai visited the court again, hoping that Mao Sui would help him ascend to the throne. Whether he was a high-ranking official or a treasure, he could not enjoy it. However, he did not want to continue to be controlled by this, and flatly refused, claiming that he would not do anything for him in the future. Guo Kai was furious when he heard this, and planted the seeds of revenge in his heart.

Bewildered by Donger’s slander, Zhao Ji decided to take the lead for Yingzheng, and rashly angered Zhao Yao, who had been named Chunping Jun, on the court, and punished him to go to Lishan Xiu Mausoleum and become a civil servant. Unbearable, Zhao Yu made a noise in front of the temple. Li Si stood guard at the city gate and witnessed the soldiers escorting Zhao Yu into the ox cart and drove away.

When the meeting was over, Zhao Ji learned of Lu Buwei’s plan to deal with Zhao Guo from Ying Zheng, and then realized that he had just acted recklessly, and rebuked Lu Buwei for telling her the plan in advance. Lu Buwei knew that the order had been laid down and could not be taken back, so he could only let Zhao Ji suffer some hardships in Lishan first, and then find time to complete the plan in the future.

Yao Jia and others went to Yideju for a drink. Hearing that Zhao Tong had been punished, he sent the news back to Zhao Guo. When Zhao Jiang Li Mu learned that Zhao Ti, who was the prince, was doing hard labor in Qin, he immediately rushed to the Longtai Palace. Zhao Dan was furious. No matter how hard Li Mu admonished, he still insisted on arranging Lian Po to rectify the army and let him conquer Qin. , Recapture the prince.

At this time, the vicissitudes of the country of Zhao have been completely unrecognizable. 50,000 soldiers and horses live in the city of Handan, and 200,000 troops are stuck on the border. This snowstorm-sweeping battle has not waited for the camp to move forward. Ended in critical condition.

The Manchu civil and military knelt in front of the couch, waiting for Zhao Wangdan’s instructions at any time. Lian Po and Li Mu were responsible for rectifying their armaments to prevent the enemy from taking advantage of the opportunity to commit a crime. Since Mao Sui was ordered to rush to Qin to welcome Zhao Tong back, to prevent Zhao Tong from returning to the country, Zhao Yan ordered Guo Kai to lead the killer to ambush and kill him.

As soon as the next day passed, Mao rushed to the savannah hills, and suddenly saw dozens of people in black rushing from around, surrounding him and his entourage. After solving the major problems, Guo Kai quickly returned to the city and Zhao Yan returned to life, and truthfully described the results of the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, indicating that Zhao Dan’s deadline will be in the near future. Zhao Yan was in a complicated mood when he heard the news. After a moment of silence, he told Guo Kai to deal with the monks around Zhao Dan so as not to show his feet.

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