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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 20 Recap

In 245 BC, a terrifying snow froze the country of Zhao, and news of Mao Sui’s murder soon spread back to Handan. When Zhao Wangdan heard that he was intercepted and killed in the territory of Qin, he died suddenly with excitement and his posthumous posthumous name was Xiaocheng. During the 21 years of his reign, he always faced the pressure of Qin Guodong. He experienced both the tragic defeat in the Battle of Changping and the victory in the Battle of Handan. In the end, a large area of ​​territory was still eroded by the Qin State, causing the Zhao Kingdom to shrink sharply. .

Although the national funeral was completed at the same time as the new emperor’s ascension to the throne, Zhao Dong, the prince, was kept in the dark. It was not until Ying Zheng informed that Zhao Yan was ascended to the throne. He was fully aware of the death of Zhao Guo and he returned to the country. No qualifications for funeral.

Fan Yuqi knew that it would not take long for Qin to fight a tough battle. In order to gain the right to lead the war, he specially bought fine wines for Li Si, and asked him to help him out. Li Si thought for a moment, and immediately put forward the plan of “Lianyan Attack Zhao”.

Precisely because of these four words, Ying Zheng became more and more determined in his inner thoughts. After understanding the fullness of the treasury, he took the initiative to propose to Lu Buwei to take this opportunity to annihilate the state of Zhao.

Originally, Lu Buwei was vague, worried that if he rushed to attack, Zhao Guo’s ruling and opposition might condense again, but when he saw Ying Zheng’s determination to unify the cause, he couldn’t help but feel relieved, and then he agreed. With great joy in the political views, Ying rushed to the training ground to compete with Meng Tian, ​​quite energetic.

Zhao Wangyan wanted to send troops to fight against Qin, but was prevented by Lian Po, so he was publicly relieved of his position as prime minister and gave Xiangyin to Guo Kai. Seeing that Zhao Yan was so stupid, Lian Po preferred to trust Guo Kai and other treacherous villains, so he left in anger, leaving other ministers staring at each other.

Now that the people in Handan are loose, the surrounding countries have their own thoughts, especially in Yandi, the most obvious is Yandi. The king of Yan is happy to forget the humiliation and shame of the world. He just received the invitation from the Qin State, and he was planning to discuss how to jointly defeat Zhao. Candidate. Because of the great relationship between Yan and Qin, the Yan-Qin prince Ji Dan took the initiative to ask Ying to be an envoy to Xianyang. Moreover, he and Ying Zheng were old acquaintances and had the same siblings, so it would be best to let him take charge of this matter.

Li Si was slightly surprised to learn that Lu Buwei agreed to kill Zhao. Lv Buwei learned from Zheng Yi that Zhao Yan had stopped, but he was a little delighted to hear, and even smiled cunningly, wishing that Lianpo’s military power would be taken away together.

At the same time, although Guo Kai served as prime minister, he was afraid that Lianpo would hate himself, so he went to the palace early the next morning to beg to see him, and begged Zhao Yan to take away Lianpo’s military power, so as not to support him. Zhao Yan considered that Lian Po was a famous general of Zhao country after all, and he was so brilliant that he should not be underestimated, so he hesitated a little. However, Guo Kai burst into tears and pretended to be dismissed, which really caused him a headache, so he only agreed.

Li Si was on duty at night as usual. Just as he was asleep, he suddenly heard the call of Yingzheng, so he hurried into the hall. Even though Yingzheng did not clearly state the reason for the call, Li Si happened to be a sleek and exquisite person, directly breaking the status quo of Qin, and then said “Qin has no loyal minister” and recommended himself to be an official.

Zhao Jiang Le Cheng was ordered by the king to lead Lianpo’s military power, but the military power had not yet been obtained. The subordinates were unfair to Lian Po and decided to send troops back to Handan to blast away Zhao Yan and re-establish a new king. However, as a veteran of several dynasties, Lian Po would never do such an act. Thinking of Handan’s inability to return, he immediately handed over the military power with tears, said goodbye to the generals, and then drove away.

Now that Mao Sui is dead and Lian Po is away from Zhao, even Le Cheng and Qing Qin have voluntarily resigned from their military posts. Coupled with Li Muyuan’s presence in the north, there are not a few good ministers in the whole country of Zhao that can be worthy of important tasks. Let Guo Kai hold the power. At this time, in Xianyang City, Ji Dan went to the palace to meet him, and wanted to retaliate with Yingzheng, and agreed to join forces to avenge Zhao Guo.

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