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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 21 Recap

Ever since Lu Buwei became Zhong’s father and minister, his authority is particularly obvious. He decides all matters regardless of size. Even on the day Ji Dan entered Qin, he still interrupted Ying Zheng in front of the minister of civil and military affairs, as anyone with a discerning eye could see. King Xiao Qin has been emptied, although he can be the master but cannot be the master.

Now, Zhao Ji is indulging in the courtyard couch, a little woman like a commoner, who wakes up in the morning to play the puja and late at night, and occasionally sets her identity as the queen mother to attend royal banquets and court meetings. The grievances in Yingzheng’s heart have been stagnant for a long time, and there is nowhere to vent, simply by going out on a tour as a reason, take Dong’er and the Meng family for a long trip.

At the prime minister’s residence, Meng Yu, Yao Jia, and Yingnai were involved in the war. The three of them expressed their opinions about this, which made Lu Buwei a little embarrassed. The following things were done at the same time, such as repairing the canal and dispatching troops. Daqin’s many years of storage of soldiers, horses and equipment may fear the club. Not much left. Yao Jia believes that Zhao Wangyan and Prime Minister Guo Kai are stubborn and indifferent to state affairs. They are the so-called buying stones and smashing the pot to find the stove. When the loyal and righteous officials of Zhao are gone, the people will not live, when will they send troops to take Zhao and see Daqin.

In fact, Lu Buwei originally had the same opinion as Yao Jia. However, he won the government and destroyed Zhao’s heart, but Gan Luozi had a plan, saying that Zhao Chengchi can be taken without the need to build troops, as long as he is sent to Zhao Guo. After repeated deliberation, Lu Buwei finally ordered Gan Luo to be his ambassador, accompanied by Yao Jia, and the two boarded the bronze carriage and headed to the territory of Zhaodi.

Ying Zheng was not in Xianyang yet, and Lu Buwei closed his door behind Ji Dan. Li Si heard the news of Gan Luo’s mission to the State of Zhao, and realized that this would make the rift between Qin Wangzheng and Lu Buwei deeper, but it would be more beneficial to him.

After more than ten days of Pan Heng, the Qin Guoma team arrived outside Handan at sunset. Guo Kai greeted him with a grand ceremony. Unexpectedly, Gan Luo regarded himself as noble and unsophisticated, and his manners were unavoidable. He was not as thorough as Yao Jia. Fortunately, Yao Jia prepared a gift in advance and sent it to Prime Minister Zhao’s mansion. Under his temptation, Guo Kai simply persuaded Zhao Yan to cede the five cities to Qin.

Considering that General Zhao Guowu is in charge, even though Pang Xie is still in charge, it is a pity that he is very old, and now he can only settle down inside and then outside, so Zhao Yan decided to go to the court the next day and personally refer to the five river cities of the map to give The kingdom of Qin hopes that Qin will not help Yan defeat Zhao. If there is a chance to break the kingdom of Yan, the obtained city can be shared with Qin.

Yan Tai Zi Dan realized that the Qin Yan alliance might have changed, and couldn’t help feeling stunned. He only hoped that Ying Zheng would remember his promise and stop taking him down. At this time, Ying Zhengwu was busy, not knowing the sudden change of the court situation, and happened to encounter Wei Wenjun sent his servants to obstruct Zheng Guo’s construction of the canal. When he asked Fang to know the reasons, he punished his servants on the spot, in order to act like you, reiterated the government’s laws and ordered the water workers Zheng Guo and the county magistrate of Yunyang continued to repair the canal, regardless of their status, they must be severely punished in accordance with the Qin law.

After handling the Yiying business, Ying Zheng and his team turned around and returned to Xianyang. As he approached the Qin realm, he suddenly saw Prince Yan’s carriage coming from the opposite side, so he guessed that something must happen when the other party was eager to return home. Ji Dan was unwilling to get out of the car. Ying Zheng didn’t care. He simply drove to the front of the car and asked. Unexpectedly, the other party would scold him and call him a treachery villain, making Yan Guo the laughingstock of the world.

At first, Ying Zheng looked blank, but when he heard that Lu Buwei sent Gan Luo to form an alliance with Zhao Yan, he suddenly fell into an ice cave, feeling cold and helpless. Even if this call was not issued by Yingzheng, as the monarch of Qin, if he wants to dominate the world, he will have to face Ji Dan in the future, thinking about the two young people getting along with each other as a young man, sadly letting go of this friendship, and witnessing Ji Dan’s anger Leave.

That night, Ying Zheng once again called on Li Si, had a long conversation with him all night, and then recognized Lu Buwei’s officials. Li Si sees that Ying Zheng still has nostalgia for Lu Buwei, and simply understands the recent actions of Xiangbang. If this phase takes root in the field, it is equivalent to the shortcomings of the Qin law. If not corrected in time, it will inevitably become the shackles of the continued prosperity of Qin.

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