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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 22 Recap

Even though there is nothing wrong with the state of being a state and a benevolent political state, it is hard to agree with Lu Buwei’s view that Ying Zheng is able to unify the six countries as soon as possible and adopt a rapid approach. Because of the suspicion between the emperor and his subjects, Li Si was able to show his loyalty on the star-removing platform, gain the trust of Yingzheng, and prepare to enter the court.

Due to the sudden alliance between Qin and Zhao, the State of Yan had to fight against Zhao Jun alone. The main general Ju Xin underestimated the enemy and led the army to advance, but fell into the enemy’s trap and was defeated by Zhao Jun commander Pang Nuan. The Yan army was defeated in World War I and lost 200,000 soldiers.

The young concubine Gan Luo made Zhao return, and he didn’t care about Qin’s failure to believe in Zhao. He even praised Lu Buwei for being a good person, claiming that he would be named Shangqing later by Xiangbang. Today, Yingzheng is no better than before. He is often constrained by Lu Buwei. How could he leave Gan Luo as a stumbling block? So in a rage, he used Lu Lu Jian to kill him on the spot.

At the same time, Zhao Yan hosted a banquet in the Longtai Palace to entertain the officials, only because of the victory of the battle, he was overwhelmed with pride, boasted of great achievements and profound blessings, and threatened to lead everyone to seize the world and become the overlord. Guo Kai hurriedly got up to agree, and the other courtiers offered compliments, but his heart was like a mirror.

Lu Buwei had to be summoned into the palace. Seeing Gan Luo’s corpse on his side, he knew what Ying Zheng wanted to do, so pretending to be calm, he rushed to call Li Si and appointed him as a long history. Above the court hall the next day, Li Si wore an official uniform and entered the hall. He was banned in front of the officials. Ying Zheng looked around. There were not many confidants in the palace, and he felt deeply sad.

After the next dynasty, Wang Wan and Fan Yuqi came to congratulate Li Si. The three of them toasted and drank. During the period, they talked about the contradiction between Yingzheng and Lu Buwei. Li Si said that the reason why Lu Buwei wrote the book was nothing more than to raise the eyebrows. The way of politics governs the present, including the following generations of King Qin.

The current situation has led Li Si to believe that even if Lu Buwei supports Yingzheng as the king, he will never let him brutally destroy the six countries. As for the so-called regent empress dowager Zhao Ji, I am afraid that she has no time to deal with state affairs and will definitely be against the state. Words follow. Fan Yuqi and Wang Wan disagreed with what Li Si said, but the two of them did not know that Zhao Ji was pregnant in the harem.

She served Zhao Ji day and night, and never thought that he would have an heir, but he was not a true monk after all, and it was impossible to decide that he would spend the rest of his life absurdly, and simply begged Zhao Ji to keep the child. After repeated deliberation, Zhao Ji decided to leave Xianyang in a hurry to raise her baby in Yongcheng with her under the guise of physical discomfort. Yingzheng didn’t know the reason, but she felt distressed. The huge palace had no relatives, and he was the only one left. one person.

Li Si learned about Yingzheng’s punishment of governing Weiwenjun’s vassals and foreseeed that Qin would cause disaster. As expected, Weiwenjun’s vassals sued Weiwenjun Yingsheng, and all the clan members rushed to Xianyang City and gathered at Weiyang Emperor’s Mansion, demanding to win. Xi came forward to preside over justice.

Yingxi went to discuss with Lu Buwei on behalf of the clan. Lu Buwei has no clues yet, so I can comfort Yingxi not to worry. This matter spread all over the streets and alleys of Xianyang City. Many literati talked about Yingzheng’s desire to abolish the enfeoffment, and the whole country, and said that Lu Buwei had a 100,000 households in Luoyang. If he is not well placed, he might offend both sides. People have to harm themselves.

After the next day, dozens of captains rushed to Xianyang upon hearing the news and gathered around the door of Xiangfu to ask Lu Buwei to solve the problem. The Meng family brothers truthfully reported the situation outside to Yingzheng. Li Si believes that the crux of the matter is that several families are involved in the repair of the canal. Therefore, they must be suppressed to avoid a bigger storm.

Lu Buwei intends to exchange the land twice as much as the national government for fiefdom. In this way, both security and security can be quelled. Seeing the loss of thousands of acres of fertile land in the government, Ying Zheng couldn’t help but smile back. After this incident, the estrangement between Ying Zheng and Lu Buwei became more and more serious, and the two were completely at odds.

In the spring of 241 BC, which was also the sixth year of Emperor Qin’s reign, he was about to be crowned in power, so he proposed to Lu Buwei that Li Si be promoted to the prince, intending to use the prince and the lieutenant to reduce the power. After the crown, he will immediately prepare The army came out and cut out the six countries. However, Lu Buwei was scheming and decided in advance that Wang Wan would be promoted to Yushi, even though Wang Wan had refused.

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