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Silver Moon


Chapter 1

He reincarnated with all the memories of his previous life and special abilities.
From’Seungah Yoo’, a doctor of genius to’Shuran’, the princess of the Redian Empire.

The Abandoned Princess, Shrina Ruth Redian.
Others consider it pitiful, but this life, Shuran, who wants to live a quiet life without being noticed by others, is not bad at Wind Palace.
But I keep getting out of the comfortable garden… … .

Shuran gently wrapped the wounded Prince Redion’s hand.
Instantly, a bright light flowed out of Shuran’s hand, wrapping the entire body of Prince Radion.

“Shuran, can you use divine power?”

Part 2

I had to end my second life by saving my precious one again.
There was regret, but I did not regret it.
Still, I was satisfied that I was able to hand over the last light of life to a loved one.
However, a new life was given again.

Seungah, Shuran… She now has the name’Arin’.
This life will receive a lot of love and attention from the beginning,
I try to live the way I want to do the third time in my life.

Silver Moon
Associated Names: 실버문
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: volumes Part 1, Episode 235 (Completed), Part 2

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