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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 36 Recap

The emperor had a grudge against the three assassins who entered the palace and asked Wei Xiaobao to lead the imperial guards and the officers and soldiers of the Xiaoqi camp to search the palace. We must catch all the assassins. Wei Xiaobao made excuses to excuse him. The emperor repeatedly claimed that he was a blessed general. Wei Xiaobao could only Bite the scalp to search.

The Gui family and Zhong Er mingled among the guards. They secretly followed Wei Xiaobao back to the house, forcing him to tell the whereabouts of the emperor. Wei Xiaobao lied that he was in the South Study and that he returned to his wife and let Wei Xiaobao lead the way. Wei Xiaobao refused to do it. Carrying Wei Xiaobao’s ear to find someone.

Chen Jinnan sent people to inquire about the whereabouts of the Gui family’s husband and wife. There has been no news. He suspects that their family of three have been killed. Chen Jinnan suspects that Wei Xiaobao has reported a letter to the emperor and vowed not to be merciless. Wei Xiaobao stiffened his head and brought his family of three to the South Study Room. There was no one but two guards. Wei Xiaobao lied to the emperor to go to the toilet. The three of them sat in the dragon chair and waited patiently.

At this moment, Suo’etu led the guards into the South Study and shot and killed the three Gui family members on the spot. The emperor came and ordered the bodies of the three of them to be carried down to feed the dogs. Wei Xiaobao hid under the desk and shivered. The emperor called him out, claiming that he was betting on himself and believed that Wei Xiaobao was a loyal minister.

The emperor became more angry as he thought about it. He exposed to his face that Wei Xiaobao was the incense master of the Tiandihui Qingmutang. Wei Xiaobao was so frightened that he knelt down and begged for mercy. Wei Xiaobao promised to immediately go back and quit the Tiandihui. The emperor forced him to commit crimes to annihilate the Tiandihui, cut the grass and roots at them, and also arrested the people of Muwangfu, otherwise he would kill Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao was shocked.

The emperor took out a list of members of the Heaven and Earth Society and asked Wei Xiaobao to capture all the 42 people above. Wei Xiaobao bargained to persuade these people to be brought down. The emperor was furious and wanted to kill Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao would rather die than betray Chen Jinnan, the emperor. Not wanting to bear the ungrateful infamy, Wei Xiaobao moved out of the previous promise that the emperor promised to spare his life.

The emperor has already inquired about Chen Jinnan’s cruel remarks. If Wei Xiaobao turned to him, Chen Jinnan would kill Wei Xiaobao today, and the emperor persuaded Wei Xiaobao to recognize the situation. It was just a piece of Chen Jinnan’s chess piece. Wei Xiaobao laughed bitterly. He felt that the emperor and Chen Jinnan were the same kind of people. He only hoped that he could help him. Wei Xiaobao only had the word “righteous” in his heart. He had never done anything to sorry the emperor and Chen Jinnan. Wei Xiaobao was willing It’s dead.

The emperor became angry and violently taught Wei Xiaobao and forced Wei Xiaobao to fight back. Wei Xiaobao had to do so. The emperor slapped him severely and bleeds his head. Wei Xiaobao was heartbroken, punching and kicking the emperor. He was so wronged, and the emperor did not hate him for joining. Heaven and earth would only hate Wei Xiaobao for lying to him. Wei Xiaobao had to admit that Chen Jinnan had saved the lives of their mother and son, and vowed that he would never betray Chen Jinnan in this life. The emperor was very interested in Chen Jinnan. Wei Xiaobao wanted to introduce the emperor and Chen Jinnan to meet, but it was too late. Up.

The emperor had long ambushed cannons around Prince Mu’s Mansion and Wei Xiaobao’s house. He wanted to kill all the people in the world. Wei Xiaobao was dumbfounded. The emperor sent Duolong to protect Wei Xiaobao at all times. Do not allow him to leave the palace. Before leaving, Wei Xiaobao questioned the emperor. He took a family of three ghosts to Cining Palace. Will the emperor kill him? The emperor admitted that he would kill him. He also asked Dukong to treat Wei Xiaobao as an imperial prisoner and not allow him to pass any news outside the palace.

Princess Jianning sent people to cremate Fat Tou Tuo and Mao Dongzhu, thanking them for saving their lives. Wei Xiaobao wanted to see Mao Dongzhu and his wife off. Duolong guarded him every step of the way, and explained that the emperor was hiding nearby.

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