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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 37 Recap

Princess Jianning knelt farewell to Fat Toutuo and Mao Dongzhu, and left sadly. The emperor felt very uncomfortable seeing this scene. Duolong took Wei Xiaobao to the residence and prepared wine and food. He wanted to have a swig with Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao was grateful, and the two of them exchanged cups.

Wei Xiaobao has been worrying about it all the time. Duolong has been struggling to question the whole story. Wei Xiaobao is worried that the anti-thief has ruined his wife and concubine. He wants to go home and take a look. Duolong persuades him to relax. The house was surrounded by water. Wei Xiaobao was still worried and insisted on going back to take a look. Duolong firmly disagreed.

Wei Xiaobao dragged Duo Long to drink, but he secretly spilled the wine on the ground. Duo Long was too strong to drink, and soon drank too much. Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to sneak away, but Duo Long caught him right there. Wei Xiaobao lied that Hai Dafu was staying. Open the altar and give it to Duolong to drink.

He wanted to take the Mongolia sweat medicine. He didn’t expect Duolong to hide it a long time ago. Duolong took Wei Xiaobao to continue drinking, and advised him not to waste his time, otherwise he would die. Duolong threatened to tie up Wei Xiaobao and handed it over to the emperor tomorrow morning. Wei Xiaobao secretly took out his dagger, and repeatedly claimed that he was testing him. Duolong believed that it was true and relaxed his vigilance against Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao stabbed Duolong severely, and he was angry on the spot. He died, Wei Xiaobao couldn’t wait to go back and save people.

Princess Jianning suddenly came to Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao asked her to send all the eunuchs out, falsely claiming that the emperor knew their affair, and sent Duolong to kill him. Wei Xiaobao had to kill Duolong. Princess Jianning also came for this. The queen mother already knew that Princess Jianning was pregnant with Wei Xiaobao’s child. She came to Wei Xiaobao to discuss countermeasures. Wei Xiaobao didn’t expect to be a father. Surprised and delighted.

Tao Hongying went over the wall and came into the palace to see Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao wanted to take Princess Jianning to escape, but the guards in the palace were tight, and Wei Xiaobao would not be able to climb the wall. Wei Xiaobao came up with a good way. Princess Jianning bought the court lady and the eunuch with a lot of money. , Please conceal it, Tao Hongying knocked them out.

Wei Xiaobao pretends to be an eunuch, tells Tao Hongying to pretend to be a court lady, and Princess Jianning takes them out of the palace. The guards Zhao Qixian and Zhang Kangnian are going to report to Duolong. Wei Xiaobao has to reveal his identity and falsely claim that the emperor sent him out of the palace to do a secret important event. Assassinated Azichi who was ambushing in the forward camp. He was Wu Sangui’s spy. Zhao Qixian believed it was true and immediately opened the palace gate to let them out.

Wei Xiaobao followed Princess Jianning out of the palace to Wei Xiaobao’s house. Princess Jianning asked Ajichi about the location of the cannon, falsely claiming that the emperor had sent her to Wei Xiaobao’s Lord’s Mansion to do something and asked Ajichi to accompany her. Going, Ajichi did not dare to disobey the order, so he had to take Ajichi into the door with him, taking advantage of his precautions to hold him.

Wei Xiaobao reported to Chen Jinnan, urging them to leave the clothes of the emperor’s guards. Chen Jinnan suspected that he was in collusion with the emperor. Tao Hongying stood up to defend Wei Xiaobao, and Chen Jinnan had to agree to take the brothers from Tiandihui to leave. Wei Xiaobao came to see the wives and found that the two were missing, only to learn that she followed Feng Jizhong to inquire about the palace.

Ajichi went out and handed in 42 officers and soldiers, and asked Chen Jinnan and the others to put on their clothes. Chen Jinnan clicked on Wei Xiaobao’s acupuncture point, worried about the extra knot. The emperor came to Wei Xiaobao’s residence and saw that Duolong was still alive. The maid and the eunuch were so frightened that they knelt and begged for mercy. The emperor sent Duolong to the Tai Hospital.

Princess Jianning persuaded Wei Xiaobao to escape together, and also asked Chen Jinnan to solve Wei Xiaobao’s acupuncture points. The queen mother came to the emperor overnight and forced him to open shells at Wei Xiaobao and the people of the Tiandihui. The emperor was hesitant. He did not want to kill the innocent. The queen mother decided that he could not let Wei Xiaobao go. The emperor thought of what Wei Xiaobao had done for him, and couldn’t bear to start. Killing him, the Queen Mother bitterly forced him not to repeat the mistakes of the first emperor.

Ajichi tried to resist. Wei Xiaobao falsely preached the imperial decree and ordered Zhao Qixian and Zhang Kangnian to throw him into death row in the name of Ajichi’s infringement. Wei Xiaobao also reminded them that the emperor should not let the emperor hear the name of Ajichi. Wei Xiaobao brought Chen Jinnan and others, who were posing as officers and soldiers, just left the mansion and suddenly heard cannons blast.

Princess Jianning never expected that the emperor would kill her. Wei Xiaobao asked Chen Jinnan to help take Princess Jianning and other wives away. He was going to find Shuang’er. Princess Jianning resolutely refused to do it. She insisted on following Wei Xiaobao. Other women followed suit. Chen Jinnan led the brothers from Tiandihui to escape smoothly.

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