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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 38 Recap

The emperor sent people to arrest Wei Xiaobao, Chen Jinnan and others, and stated that they would be arrested. Wei Xiaobao took Jianning Princess Mu Jianping and Zeng Rou to escape. They got out of the carriage halfway through and escaped from the officers and soldiers. They fled all the way to a dilapidated house. Zhao Liangdong pretended not to see Wei Xiaobao and the others, leaving one behind. A large sum of money also reminded Wei Xiaobao not to go to the north.

Wei Xiaobao just wanted to take Princess Jianning and the others away, but he was caught upright by Lord Hong and Su Quan. Su Quan murmured at Wei Xiaobao, and Princess Jianning stood there to fight for Wei Xiaobao. The officers and soldiers suddenly came to arrest people in mighty force. Wei Xiaobao lied that the emperor wanted to eradicate the Dragon Sect. He interceded for the leader Hong and Su Quan, and the emperor ordered his head to be cut off.

The leader of the officers and soldiers was Wang Jinbao. He pretended not to know Wei Xiaobao. He turned around and left. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly called him and wanted to go with him to catch the fugitive. Wang Jinbao turned a blind eye to him. The leader Hong saw that Wei Xiaobao wanted to escape and forced him to pay back the money. Wang Jinbao He took out all the silver slips he had and gave them to them. The leader Hong wanted horses. Wang Jinbao counted a total of 13 people, promised to leave them 13 horses, and then left with the officers and soldiers.

The black dragon made him angry and wanted to kill Wei Xiaobao. Lord Hong desperately stopped him. It is still useful for him to keep Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao took out the silver left by Zhao Liangdong and gave it to Lord Hong. Lord Hong locked up Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao yelled and Fang Yi came. Sending food to Wei Xiaobao, Wei Xiaobao can’t wait to know the whereabouts of Princess Jianning and the three of them. Knowing that they are safe, Wei Xiaobao is worried that his life will not be preserved this time, so he asks Fang Yi to help find Shuang’er and let Shuang’er find a good man to marry him. .

Master Hong named Lu Gaoxuan as a white dragon envoy, and sent five of them to various places to convene the old ministry to revive the Shenlong Sect. The Azure Dragon envoy wanted the antidote for Leopard Tire Yijin Pills, and Lord Hong gave them two pills on the spot. They were grateful. Guru Hong found out that Lu Gaoxuan did not eat it, but secretly hid the white one in his hand. Guru Hong explained that it was a physique-enhancing big snow ginseng pill. Lu Gaoxuan excused that he was not feeling well recently. After conditioning, Lu Gaoxuan was so frightened that he knelt down and begged for mercy. The white one was a highly poisonous Baixian pill, and everyone was shocked.

Lu Gaoxuan is loyal to Lord Hong. He did not expect him to poison him. The Lord Hong was curious about how he knew the inside story. Lu Gaoxuan accidentally discovered that Fang Yi was catching the bug with pills in the grass, and Su Quan opened Lord Hong’s medicine box. Quan suddenly vomited because of excessive nervousness. Lord Hong hushed her cold and asked her warmly. Princess Jianning saw that Su Quan was pregnant, so Su Quan had to admit that she wanted to find medicine to destroy the child. Lord Hong forced her to ask who the father was, Su. Quan dare not say.

Lu Gaoxuan admitted that he had an admiration for Su Quan, but he would never blaspheme this feeling. Master Hong killed Lu Gaoxuan on the spot and also killed others. They could only fight back. Wei Xiaobao covered Fang Yi and others to escape. He just thought After leaving, Su Quan drew his sword and hijacked Wei Xiaobao. Fat Tou Tuo subdued the leader Hong and covered Su Quan and Wei Xiaobao out.

Guru Hong got away and begged Su Quan to stay. Fattou Tuo and others approached the main antidote to Hong Jiao. They were killed on the spot. They wanted to play scattered all over the place. Guru Hong caught up with Su Quan. Su Quan denounced Guru Hong for going his own way. Moody, I have always complained about liking him. Wei Xiaobao attacked Lord Hong from behind. Lord Hong was knocked out. Wei Xiaobao just wanted to take Su Quan and Princess Jianning to leave. Lord Hong suddenly stood up and forced Su Quan into his stomach. Su Quan refused to answer who the child was. The leader Hong guessed that it was Wei Xiaobao and died instantly.

Princess Jianning was furious and yelled at Wei Xiaobao. Su Quan slapped Wei Xiaobao severely. Princess Jianning asked Su Quan to settle accounts. Wei Xiaobao admitted that Su Quan was pregnant with his child. Su Quan wanted to follow Wei Xiaobao to the world. Fang Yi was also willing to follow them, and Wei Xiaobao happily closed his mouth from ear to ear.

Wei Xiaobao took five wives to live on the island temporarily, and suddenly saw two warships fighting at sea. Wei Xiaobao recognized Shi Lang and Chen Jinnan and others fighting. Chen Jinnan’s ship was sunk and they swam to the island, Shuang’er and Akke In this group of people, Wei Xiaobao was extremely excited. She greeted Akko with a cold heart, and Zheng Keshuang chased afterwards, not allowing Wei Xiaobao to approach Akko.

Shuang’er told Wei Xiaobao what had happened. They wanted to come to the island to join Wei Xiaobao, but halfway through Zheng Keshuang, who was chased by the Qing soldiers, Zheng Keshuang’s ship was sunk, and they came to the island together. Wei Xiaobao wanted to cook soup for Shuang’er and A Ke to keep out the cold. Princess Jianning and Mu Jianping were very jealous. A Ke suddenly vomited. Princess Jianning thought she was also pregnant with Wei Xiaobao’s child and yelled with anger. At this moment, Shi Lang led officers and soldiers to the island. Chen Jinnan and others were ready to fight at any time. Shi Lang persuaded Feng Xifan to bring Zheng Keshuang to the Qing Dynasty, but Feng Xifan flatly refused.

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