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The Savior has Blackened


Esmeralda has defended the people with strong conviction and noble devotion.
But she was killed by the stones thrown by the people.
It was such a miserable death that the past life was completely denied.

As miracles went back in time, Esmeralda gave up both conviction and devotion.
What was left for her was neither cause nor justification nor hope.
There was only a vengeful spirit that was burning wild with a terrible odor.

Revenge for those who decorated their death with misery.

“Don’t see me kneel in the blood of demons and humans, begging for my life miserably.”

For that purpose, I would not hesitate to sacrifice the blood of the innocent people. ‘Esmeral!’ Even if you are criticized by a man you love on the road.

The Savior has Blackened
Associated Names: 구원자가 흑화했다
Masune S
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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