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Was Cinderella really happy?


“I know that? Top-joo says that he is restless because he is anxious even if his lover is a little apart in front of him.”
“Oh, it’s romantic.”

The most beautiful Cinderella in the world
Winnie, a mysterious wizard with the best abilities.
They are friendly, a pair that suits everyone well… … .

“Winnie, the foal of a Waste!”
“It’s too much. So whether I can marry or go to a good place.”

Mia doesn’t want to be Cinderella again.
And Winnie watches and watches the suspicious lost child.
Avoid the prince and get rid of Winnie’s doubts!

“Because I’m the first kiss, don’t think I’m losing too much.”
Long eyelashes, slightly red cheeks, and moist lips.
Everything about her felt clearly.

“This much… … !”
He closed her lips as it was about to fall.
“Like a sweet lover. Did you forget?”

Was Cinderella really happy?
Associated Names: 신데렐라는 과연 행복했을까
Yeon (蓮)
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: N/A
Status: 334

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