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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 11 Recap

Everyone is very anxious if Mr. Wan disappears for a while. Gao Shan is also very afraid of what fool Mr. Wan will do. As long as he closes his eyes, he will remember the moment when he jumped off the building for his father. He was right beside him, but he couldn’t stop his father who wanted to jump off. He just witnessed this scene. He didn’t want this tragedy to happen again, so he said that he must find Mr. Wan.

Lin Wo was also very worried about Mr. Wan. He knew that this incident was caused by his negligence. The best compensation to Mrs. Wan and her daughter was to help them solve this problem. So he decided to look for Mr. Wan with Gaoshan and they went. When I arrive at any place that Mr. Wan often goes to, but no matter whether it is a gym or a boxing gym,

Mr. Wan is not visible. Gao Shan suddenly remembered that they can go back to the company to investigate the surveillance, and the two of them returned to the company’s surveillance room. Later, he discovered that Mr. Wan had entered the company door and never left. At this time, Gao Gao suddenly discovered that he might know where Mr. Wan was. When he was working overtime before,

Mr. Wan had taken Gaoshan to the rooftop on the tenth floor to drink. Beer, Gao Shan would go there to relax when he felt that Mr. Wan might be in a bad mood. Gao Shan took Lin Wo to the rooftop on the tenth floor, only to find that there was only one mobile phone left, and Mr. Wan was playing on his phone. Looking at the video of the press conference, Gao Gao immediately realized that Mr. Wan would definitely feel that he was insulted. This matter needs to be clarified by himself. He should have gone to the site of the press conference now.

After the two arrived at the scene, they only saw Mr. Wan on the rooftop. This scene reminded Gao Gao immediately of the moment his father died. So Gao Shan quickly expressed the hope that Wan Zong would think about his wife and his Daughter, don’t do anything stupid. Mr. Wan said that he had worked hard for Ferris for eight years, and finally ended up with such a result. He kept telling himself that he could give his daughter a better life with a little more support, but he did not expect the final result. He was insulted by others. Instead of being innocent, he might as well just die. He said that he had no attachment to his life anymore, so he told Gaoshan not to persuade him anymore and immediately jumped down.

Gao Gao once again saw someone jumping from the building in front of him. He suddenly started to have tinnitus, so he realized that his ears squatted in pain. Lin Wo saw something wrong with Gaoshan, and immediately realized that Gaoshan’s past may be unnoticeable. Man hurriedly sent Mr. Wan to the hospital. Mr. Wan’s wife complained that Mr. Lin Wo’s mistake led to Mr. Wan’s suicide. He said that he would never accept Lin Wo’s hypocritical goodwill, but the mountain over there came to Sun. Li’s office, he had come to Sun Li a long time ago, saying that he wanted to transfer to Sun Li’s group.

Sun Li said that he hoped Gaoshan would stay in the second group and help him monitor Mr. Wan’s every move. I thought it was Sun Li who wanted to make his own hands on Mr. Wan’s plan, but Sun Li told him that she didn’t need Gao Gao to do anything, just to give feedback on Mr. Wan’s situation in a timely manner. Gao Gao said that Mr. Wan’s things. Su Yuan had been pressed down, but Sun Li suddenly asked Gaoshan what kind of medicine Mr. Wan had taken before.

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