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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 9 Recap

Although it is always very difficult to dig out Wan Wan, Lin Wo still agreed to this difficult task. Now the company is very short of money. If this big business can be done, it can alleviate the current economic crisis. Deng Li could not persuade such a stubborn Lin Wo at all, so he expressed his support for all the decisions of Lin Wo. Lin Wo began to investigate the news of Mr. Wan. He said that Mr. Wan’s current information was not clear enough and he needed a more comprehensive one. .

On the other side, Gao Gao received the news that he was going to Shenzhen on a business trip. Before that, Mr. Wan didn’t believe him, so he only gave him some marginal projects. Now because of the Xinnan factory, Mr. Wan believes that Gao Shan is very loyal to him. Yes, he agreed to let Gaoshan participate in his most important project team.

Lin Wo learned that Mr. Wan was going to Shenzhen on a business trip, so he decided to find a chance to get close to Mr. Wan in Shenzhen anyway, but he didn’t know that Gaoshan would go there too. She was very afraid of meeting Gaoshan because he He felt that Gao Shan would always disrupt his plans, but he did not expect Gao Shan to accidentally participate in this business trip. On this day, Lin Wo decided to pretend to be a waiter and sneak into the toilet to find Mr. Wan to have a separate conversation with him. Gao Shan temporarily left the meeting room to go to the bathroom. An employee mistakenly identified him as Mr. Wan and called him to hand over a document to him. Gao Shan said that he would hand it over to Mr. Wan, so he entered The bathroom.

And Lin Wo, who treated Gaoshan as Mr. Wan also followed in. He stood outside the washroom and expressed that Jinshi wanted to dig Mr. Wan. He said that he understood Mr. Wan’s ambition very well. Gao Shan learned the news that Lin Wo wanted to dig Wan Zong to go to Jinshi, and he had his own thoughts in his heart. Gao Shan walked out of the compartment and said that he was inside. Lin Wo was very angry and felt that Gao Shan was playing around with him, so he turned and left. Gao Shan said that if Lin Wo really wanted to, he could help him.

Lin Wo stubbornly believed that it would be okay on his own, but Gao Gao returned to the conference room, only to find that Mr. Wan left in a hurry. He immediately asked Su Yuan what happened. Su Yuan said that Mr. Wan received a phone call from his wife, saying that her daughter had suddenly developed appendicitis and was being rescued in the hospital. Gao Shan immediately asked Su Yuan to hand over the work here. I accompanied Mr. Wan to the hospital to visit his daughter.

Mr. Wan was very anxious, Gao Gao quickly went to comfort Mr. Wan, don’t worry too much, his daughter would not have any major problems, but at this moment there was no taxi on the road, and Wu Dongna’s car suddenly came from the side. Passing by, Gao Shan said that Wu Dongna was his friend, and then asked him to help him and Wan Zong to the hospital, but Gao Shan suddenly found that Wan Zong was taking a medicine to relieve his discomfort. Gao Shan asked Mr. Wan what was going on. Mr. Wan said that he was only prone to migraines when he was nervous. He only took ordinary painkillers. Gao Shan did not ask more, but he had some doubts in his heart. He thought Mr. Wan’s things are definitely not that simple, he needs to investigate carefully.

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