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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 11 Plot

Lin Wo wants Su Yuan to be the person in charge of the merger case. When that happens, he can propose to Zheng Wanying that he choose project members and appoint Gaoshan, so that he does not have to stay in the Wenyin agency on the fourth floor. Zheng Wanying only looks at the results. Su Yuan hoped that Lin Wo could give him an explanation as to why she suddenly became Zheng Wanying’s assistant. Lin Wo explained that her family had something to do with Dalong. The family knew that she had lost her job. busy.

Gao Shan asked Lin Wo that she could be with Zheng Wanying and understand the department store business so much. Could she be a relative of Zheng Wanying, but Lin Wo said that she has nothing to do with her and will leave Dalong soon, so there is no need to involve too much.

Lin Wo hopes that Gao Shan will encounter things again in the future. When he wants to share with others, he will tell her. Although he is not very smart, it is better to have someone with you than alone. Gao Shan has a lot of love for Lin Wo in his heart. , But he knew that he didn’t have time to provoke anyone. The two worked overtime together at night to rush to plan the plan. At this time, the fire alarm suddenly sounded and several people hurriedly left. Du Fei took the opportunity to sneak in and use a USB flash drive to copy the results from the computer. The inspection did not find the fire point.

At this time, Gao Shan and Lin Wo realized that someone should have done it deliberately. They hurried back to check the information and found that the plan on the computer was gone. Lin Wo interrupted holding the computer to find Deng Li and let He helped find someone to find a way to retrieve the plan, but time was too late and everyone was very angry.

Du Fei took the planning case to show Zheng Wanying, Su Yuan also rushed to the office, quarreled with him, and told Sun Li that they did the planning case. Du Fei stole the planning case, but Du Fei did not admit it. Zheng Wanying looked at it. The planning case shows that the content analysis is not only detailed, but also points out the various modes of Yijia acquisition and merger. It can be said that it is comprehensive. It is not easy to make such a planning case overnight. Lin Wo asked Du Fei to explain.

What does this model mean, but he cannot explain. Zheng Wanying pointedly pointed out that he used a false data to build a skyscraper. However, before the merger and acquisition, customers should not have expectations that are not in line with the actual situation. When it came to a serious backlash, and more importantly, he didn’t like to be deceived. Sun Li knew that this plan was not done by Du Fei, so he let him leave.

Zheng Wanying came to Lin Wo and found Gao Shan. Gao Shan explained that he was leading the matter from beginning to end and had nothing to do with Lin Wo. She didn’t want to stay at the bottom forever. She needed a chance to prove herself before she helped make the plan. However, Zheng Wanying said that she did not like careerists, especially those who were in charge of unscrupulous positions like him. She reminded Lin Wo that she is an employee of Dalong and that her choice must be based on Dalong’s interests. This matter is disappointing to her.

Du Fei came to Gaoshan and accused him of deliberately setting himself up, thinking that he had known that Lin Wo was the only daughter of Dalong Group Chairman Qin Shengsheng, so he deliberately helped her. At this time Gaoshan knew Lin Wo’s true identity. He left angrily. He couldn’t accept this fact for a while. After all, Qin Shengsheng was his enemy, and Lin Wo was his favorite. Lin Wo was worried about Gaoshan, so he called him, Gaoshan calmed down, and planned to catch this opportunity.

Gaoshan Yuelinwo came out for an interview. Linwo told him that he had a bad relationship with her father since she was a child. Her parents were separated when she was young. She was raised by her mother. If it weren’t for Wanjia and the need for surgery, he would never go back and ask Her father, Zheng Wanying gave her 500,000 yuan, but on condition that she must stay in Dalong for five months. Gao Shan called his friend Siyang and asked him to help Charingwo.

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