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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 12 Plot

Siyang asked Gaoshan why he had spent his time thinking about Charing Wo’s information. The information was public, and there was no way to intervene even if it was private. Gao Shan asked Lin Wo about the relationship with Qin Shengsheng. Siyang told him that Lin Wo was indeed Qin Shengsheng’s daughter. ,

But she followed her mother Lin Xin’s surname. About ten years ago, Qin Shengsheng divorced Lin Xin. I heard that it was because of the intervention of his assistant Zheng Wanying. Later, Lin Xin brought her daughter to Guangzhou. Lin Xin died three years ago. The relationship between Qin Shengsheng and Lin Wo turned bad. Although his father and daughter didn’t meet many times, Qin Shengsheng often sent people to monitor him. It was obvious that he still cared about her daughter.

However, Lin Wo was very disgusted with Qin Shengsheng’s criticism of her life almost every time. When a woman meets, she will break up unhappily. The worst time is probably the year Lin Wo graduated. Qin Shengsheng got her into a big company through a relationship, but Lin Wo thought it was her own ability to pass the exam, but she knew the truth. After a big fight, the two refused to meet again, and Lin Wo went to a small company called Fonda, bought it, and sold it again when something went wrong.

Siyang thinks something very strange. Lin Wo’s release of Fonda seems to be related to Qin Shengsheng. The previous Zhou was always Qin Shengsheng’s friend for many years, but Lin Wo had already seen through once and refused his investment. Gao Shan felt that Qin Shengsheng arranged Weiwei. Ann secretly helped Lin Wo, but it will take some time to verify the authenticity.

Gao Shan told Siyang that the company that suddenly withdrew from Qingrun was Dalong. Qin Shengsheng was the murderer of his father. Siyang felt that after so many years, Gaoshan should let go of things, and should not take the future for the regrets of the past, but Gaoshan thought Unable to let him go, Siyang had to answer to help him with his ability to track information, but remind him that he must not do anything special.

Gao Shan asked Tang Yaofeng to meet anonymously and gave him a sum of money to tell him who the buyer was. Tang Yaofeng said that he did not know, but according to his own observations, this person’s background was absolutely extraordinary. He was not only generous in his actions. , And there is a sense of high authority, guessing that it should be her family.

Lin Wo asked Zheng Wanying to tell Sun Li not to pursue Gaoshan’s family planning case. Zheng Wanying felt that Gaoshan was a skyscraper, and they didn’t want to interfere in their internal disputes.

Lin Wo was very depressed. He came out to chat with Gao Shan. Gao Gao suggested that she stay in Dalong. If she wants to win, she must learn to be patient and accumulate more chips. Dalong is just a platform. She can go in her own way. In doing things, the relationship between her and Qin Shengsheng has troubled her for too long and affected her way of thinking and behavior. Perhaps only when she tore this net with her own hands can she suddenly become clear.

Lin Wo stopped Qin Shengsheng’s car and said that she wanted to be the person in charge of the Yijia M&A case and let Gaoshan cooperate. She promised that if the project fails, she will listen to her father’s arrangements in the future. If the project succeeds, Qin Shengsheng will promise not to Intervening in her life, Qin Shengsheng felt that Lin Wo could not succeed. It seemed that her wish would be realized ahead of time, but Zheng Wanying persuaded Qin Shengsheng not to be happy too soon.

Qin Shengsheng made an appointment with Gao Shan. He felt that Gao Shan was not surprised, hitting the key, looking for the only possible smart person from the impossible, but he did not like smart people to stay with Lin Wo and warned him not to try to do something beyond his ability. Don’t think about opportunistic things, climbing dragons and attaching phoenixes, let alone using Linwo as a shield.

Lin Wo, Wu Dongna and Su Yuan were chatting, Gao Shan came to Lin Wo, kissed her as soon as he entered the door, and confessed to Lin Wo, Wu Dongna left angrily, Su Yuan drove her home, Wu Dongna got off Su Yuan to buy When he was doing things, he secretly turned over his briefcase and saw the planning of Yijia Department Store.

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