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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 13 Plot

Gao Shan carried Lin Wo home. He told Lin Wo that if it was possible to be with Wu Dongna, they would have been together a few years ago. Wu Dongna’s feelings for him were not the same as everyone saw. He didn’t want this. This matter will put too much pressure on Linwo. Linwo said that she did have a different feeling about Gaoshan, but it seemed that Gaoshan would always be outside of her plan and it would take time to confirm that Gaoshan was willing to wait.

Lin Wo returned home and wanted to talk to Wu Dongna. Wu Dongna was in her room thinking about peeking at Su Yuan’s documents about Yijia in the car. She felt that if the news about Yijia was notified to Dalong’s rival Huomei, Dinghe She can justly help Huomei join the acquisition competition. This will be her best chance to turn around. But if she does, Lin Wo and Gaoshan will lose their only chance to turn around. Wu Dongna can’t make a decision for a while. contradiction.

Su Yuan brought Gao Shan and Lin Wo to Yijia. They met with Yijia’s general manager Kang Ming, who is also Su Meihe’s husband. They plan to get in touch with their intentions first. They have been very stylish in the mall these years and are considered rising stars. It has always been released by Kang Ming. The attitude of Su Mei and the other side is not clear. They are model couples in the industry.

They should go forward and retreat together. Dalong, Yijia and Huomei stand together. Now Yijia is leaving temporarily. , That is bound to set off a big storm, so they can’t let Huomei know when they come here. They want to seize the opportunity. Whoever gets the home first can be invincible. At present, Kangming’s side is temporarily stable. Live, but I am afraid of changes.

The person in charge of Yijia first put them on top hats, then went to the store, and then began to walk around, obviously deliberately delaying the time, wanting to talk with the goods and the United States, and at the same time give them a prestige, self-esteem, currently needs I hurried to find Kang Ming, but he kept avoiding it and it was difficult to talk to him. Su Meihe’s attitude was always ambiguous, but she was the chairman and she had a greater right to speak. Everyone decided to go to Su Meihe first.

Everyone came to Meihe Gallery, but met Wu Dongna. It turned out that Dinghe was the one who helped Huamei buy. Su Yuan suddenly remembered his plan briefcase in the car that day, and guessed that she used her feelings to deceive the information. Wu Dongna felt that life And work was originally two things. The mall was like a battlefield, and everyone left angrily.

Gao Shan and Lin Wo found Su Meihe. She said that whether it is Dalong or Huamei, Yijia has no intention to sell. There were indeed some differences with Kangming before, but they have been resolved. A press conference will be held in a few days to show concern for the industry. The person at home will explain.

Lin Wo and Gao Shan opened two rooms in the hotel, intending to discuss the next plan together. Lin Wo decided that the relationship between Kangming and Su Meihe was a bit strange. Maybe we can start from this aspect and find a breakthrough, and plan to cooperate with Gao Shan to win this. During the battle, Gao Shan recently checked Dalong’s information and wanted to find more reasons to persuade Yijia.

He found that Dalong really had a breakthrough stage of development. About ten years ago, Qin Dong originally wanted to buy a famous company. The company called Qingrun suddenly withdrew its capital again. Perhaps the two things were related. Lin Wo suddenly trembled upon hearing this.

At this time, the water pipe in Gaoshan’s room suddenly exploded, and the two of them hurriedly repaired. Lin Wo was covered with water. Gaoshan hugged her back to the bed to rest. Su Yuan came to the room to help and saw that the two were intimate. Together, they knew they were in love.

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