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Generation Marry “Princess”


the son of the prime minister, with extraordinary talents, was attracted by the beauty of the prosperous master of Lingshan. He was fostered on Lingshan since he was young. Jun Aotian, today’s regent, born Yushu with a breezy, handsome appearance, and suave grace, is a slutty coquettish in the impression of Niu Honghong! When the violent mad meets the black-bellied daily style of painting: the night paint wind in the inn is shocked when he sees the cow coaxing this wolf gobbled up, he looked at the calm face of Jun Aotian with worry and said: “Prince, Princess Is this okay?

This dish is poisonous!” Hearing this, Niu Hongjiao’s chicken legs fell off, and he asked unbelievably to Jun Aotian: “Do you know this dish is poisonous?” Jun Aotian didn’t say anything, just Nodded! Niu Honghong pointed to Jun Aotian indignantly and asked: “You knew it from the beginning, and you deliberately didn’t tell me?” Jun Aotian shook his head! Niu Honghong immediately became angry when he saw this. He roared at Jun Aotian: “Can’t you just say a word?”

Seeing Niu Honghong’s bullish and energetic appearance, Jun Aotian said with a good temper: “I thought you were testing poison!” Niu Honghong: “…” He swears that one day, he will fight back against this super sadist!

Generation marry “Princess”
Associated Names: δ»£ε«β€œηŽ‹ε¦ƒβ€
Genres: novel
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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