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Night breeze is not like you


Lin Qingshuang once loved someone, and he loved it too embarrassingly, so he was fully engaged, and even later fell into the dust and couldn’t find it. Lin Qingshuang also hated a person, hated himself for being weak, hated that he couldn’t catch him.

Until she had been in the mental hospital for five years, Lin Qingshuang never hated Sheng Yixing, even if the man was so cold and indifferent, she could not bear to hate it. She has always lost the game between her and Sheng Yixing, but at the moment of goodbye, Sheng Yixing realized that it was himself who really failed.

“Give me another chance.” His voice was low, as nice as it used to be, but she just curled her lips lightly, “Mr. Sheng, we are just a business relationship.”

Her past was left long ago five years before she gave birth to a stillborn child and was thrown into a mental hospital. And he was just one of the things she left behind.

Night breeze is not like you
Associated Names: 晚风不似你
Genres: romance, novel, marriage
Year: 2020
Status: N/A

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