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No Going Back Romance – 노빠꾸 로맨스

No Going Back Romance – 노빠꾸 로맨스
Other name: No Turning Back Romance, Noppakku Romaenseu, Nopaku Romance, Noppakku Lomaenseu
Genre(s): Romance, School, Youth
Release: Dec 8, 2020 – Jan 13, 2021
Episode(s): 10
Country: Korea
Broadcast: vLive
Cast: Yoon San, Lee Da Yeon, Park Jae Chan, Kang Tae Woo, Nana


A teen romance of So Dam, a sixteen-year-old girl, who has never dated before but she receives her first-ever love confession from a mysterious boy. She is looking for the boy who secretly confessed to her while she was asleep on her desk. The clues include a male voice, mango fruit scent and gym uniform. She must piece the puzzle to find that person among the likely candidates that include hot shots Park Ji Hoo, Jeong Han Kyul, and Joo In Hyuk.

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