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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 23 Recap

Wang Wante apologized to Li Si. He didn’t expect Li Si to care about the position of censorship at all. He was just plotting the situation in which the game between Qin Wangzheng and Lu Buwei would unfold. If Lu Buwei continues to sit firmly in the country and take power alone, I am afraid that the monarchs, fathers and sons. The day of turning his face is not far away.

Under the instruction of Lu Buwei, Yingzheng had to order Wang Wan to be the official historian, and Lai Yao was promoted to the magistrate. Ying Zheng was repeatedly suppressed. Seeing that Lu Buwei had no authority to hand over, he learned that not only did Zhao Ji, the Queen Mother, not come forward to stop him, but instead listened to the arrangements of Xiangbang, and rushed to Yongcheng.

However, at the Dazheng Palace in Yongcheng, the monk found that the person was the current King of Qin, and he looked panicked, and hurriedly closed the palace gate and passed the pass. The behavior was really puzzling. Zhao Ji lingered for a long time before showing up to greet her. The whole person seemed at a loss, without any joy of reunion after a long absence, and even covered in all aspects.

Ying Zheng had some doubts, but did not delve into it. He came here mainly for the previous personnel edict, and curiously asked Zhao Ji’s attitude. However, Zhao Ji is unwilling to get involved in political affairs, even if she has the right to take charge of state affairs, she still prefers Lu Buwei’s decision-making and constantly urges Ying Zheng to return to Xianyang.

Although she knew that Zhao Ji had this reaction, Ying Zheng was still a little disappointed and angry, and then left on the spot, without leaving a moment of warmth between mother and son. After Ying Zheng left, Lai Lu finally let go of her heart, and could not help but let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Ying Zheng did not find Ming’er and Rui’er. As the boy who was two years old ran out from the side, Zhao Ji’s eyes gradually turned red, tears streaming down her face, after all, she owed too much to Yingzheng.

Chunping Jun Zhao Yu served six years in Qin, and he spent five years building the royal mausoleum. Even though he was recently exempted from repairing the mausoleum, his daily life was still poor and difficult, even Mobi couldn’t stand it. Mo must send information to Zhao Yan, saying that Zhao Yan ascended the throne and did not act. He only indulged in sensuality and ruined state politics. Guo Kai dismissed ministers without authorization and openly accepted bribes based on his own personal grievances.

Many scholar-officials in the Zhao Kingdom have long been dissatisfied with the two of them, secretly deposing the idea of ​​establishing a new king. They must not persuade Zhao Yi to cheer up. If they can return to Handan to contact the ministers, they will definitely be able to regain the throne. Hearing this, Zhao Yu was greatly encouraged. He didn’t want Zhao Guo to fall, so he discussed the plan of returning to China with Mobi.

At the same time, Zhao Yan was tired of living in arrogance and luxury, and threatened to send troops to attack Qin and win the top spot in politics. The advocating girl wanted the position of queen, and then the old thing was brought up again. At the beginning, Zhao Yan was strongly opposed by the veterans, so he had to set up another person as the queen, but now he has gradually gained the wings, and it does not take long to be the master.

The Empress Dowager Huayang tried to revolt, but she was supporting the power in private, trying to get the Chu family back to the evidence, and took advantage of Zhao Ji’s departure from the palace to delegate power to many people in charge of the inner palace. Hearing that Zhao Ji was at odds with Yingzheng’s mother and son, he immediately summoned the Mi clan who was an official in the court into the palace. Originally, he wanted to put an eyeliner beside Yingzheng. However, Lu Buwei controlled him very strictly and couldn’t find a chance. Fortunately, Qin Chen Miqi’s knees had a woman with outstanding appearance, and it was too late. The queen mother Huayang ordered her to bring her daughter Mihua from Chu to Qin, trying to use her beauty to confuse the king.

It happened that the Meng family brothers were unhappy after seeing Yingzheng returning from Yongcheng, so they persuaded him to go to Lishan for horse racing. Mi Qi brought Mi Hua to Lishan in advance, and when Ying Zheng came from a distance, he pushed Mi Hua out with a gritted teeth, deliberately creating a “random encounter” between heroes and beautiful ladies.

Mihua’s extraordinary appearance is indeed attractive to Ying Zheng, and she also rides with Ying Zheng because of her injury. Returning to Li Palace via Beacon Tower, Ying Zheng told Mi Hua the story of Zhou You Wang’s Fenghuo play princes, but he is not Zhou You King, but whether Mi Hua is like Bao Si is unknown.

It is precisely because Mi Hua is knowledgeable and gentle, which makes Yingzheng relieved a lot of sorrow, especially the Qin song that made him start to love. The past decades have been accompanied by intrigues. Once it touches the love of men and women, it will make people Lost. Ying Zheng expressed his love, but did not dare to touch it. He instructed Mi Hua to leave Xianyang as soon as possible, so as not to be contaminated with the blood and dirt here.

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