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Liu Rongning always thought that she and her eldest sister had nothing to talk about, and the sisters had a deep relationship. Whenever she encounters ups and downs and is hurt by love, she has the support of her elder sister. She never thought that all these pains were given by her elder sister. He regarded her as someone else’s shadow…

As a result, the husband and wife were separated, the sisters turned away, and the little white rabbit was forced to grow up. But this time there is a senior, holding a sincere heart, wanting to give it to her,
Xu Heng: “I thought I had enough time to let you understand what I wanted. But it doesn’t matter, we will be a long time now.”

Liu Rongning: “Humph! Who told you to be so fierce to me before!”
Eat goods white lotus sister x arrogant poisonous tongue brother madly approve the black lotus queen x contrast milk dog emperor

Associated Names: 影
really want to sub-pot
Genres: novel, romance
Year: 2020
Status: ongoing

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