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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 38 Recap

Xu Xiulan asked Guan Yuqing to be her parent, punched in the group every day, and reminded Guan Yuqing not to favor Guan Yongnian. Guan Yuqing didn’t want to see Guan Yongnian and couldn’t bear to refuse Xu Xiulan.

Liu Shuqi instructed Guan Yongnian to make cakes. Guan Zhenlei was hungry and asked Guan Yongnian to cook first. Guan Yongnian asked him to pay monthly living expenses. Guan Zhenlei used the excuse to drive online car-hailing without making money. Guan Yongnian announced on the spot that he would start next month. Don’t let him eat at home. Gao Jianling was about to retire. The hospital wanted to hire him back, but Gao Jianling insisted on going back to his hometown. His colleagues Zhang Luo gave him a farewell party. Xu Qingfeng had surgery but did not attend.

After Xu Qingfeng underwent the operation, he saw Gao Jianling waiting for him at the door of the office. Gao Jianling said goodbye to his hometown and promised to return to participate when he got married. Xu Qingfeng felt very uneasy when he saw Gao Jianling’s staggering back, and he blurted out a shout “Dad,” Gao Jianling was in tears with excitement, Xu Qingfeng struggled to keep him, and persuaded him not to go back to his hometown, Gao Jianling agreed.

The students from the University for Senior Citizens had afternoon tea together every day. Student Ding invited Xu Xiulan to go with her. She thought the coffee was too expensive and wanted to drink boiled water. She was laughed at by Student Ding. They were always AA. Xu Xiulan had to follow suit. The school would organize students to go. During the outing, they discussed wearing Hanfu to participate that day. Xu Xiulan couldn’t worry about Xu Qingfeng. The classmates advised Xu Xiulan not to worry about it, so as not to be rejected by the children, she should live for herself first, and she gave Xu Xiulan many suggestions. Xu Xiulan saw them live. To be chic and happy, can not help but envy.

Xu Xiulan was busy attending classes at the university for the elderly every day. Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing had a rare leisure time. The two of them came to the wishing pool. Xu Qingfeng fulfilled the promise he had missed that day and vowed to love Guan Yuqing forever. Teacher Zhang wanted to choose the monitor. Xu Xiulan recommended herself. Student Ding also wanted to run. Guan Yongnian called Gao Jianling to help out. He also pointed out that he was still single. The female students’ support was aroused by Gao Jianling’s appearance. Everyone flocked him back to the classroom to make egg tarts. Xu Xiulan sat on the side and sulked. Guan Yongnian saw this scene and laughed while covering her mouth.

Guan Yuqing invited Guan Yuqing and Liu Shuqi to dinner, and ordered Guan Yongnian’s favorite Mao Xuewang. Liu Shuqi wanted to pack it back. Guan Yuqing took the opportunity to help Guan Yuqing and Guan Yongnian reconcile. Guan Yuqing flatly refused. Teacher Zhang led the students to learn how to make egg tarts. Gao Jianling first arrived, and the female students took the initiative to teach her. Student Ding pretended to have a hand injury and pestered Gao Jianling to ask questions. Other female students also gathered around Gao Jianling to ask health questions. Gao Jianling answered patiently. Xu Xiulan was even more angry, slammed the door and left, and went directly to Teacher Zhang to report Gao Jianling’s failure to study.

It turned out that this was discussed by Guan Yongnian and student Ding, just to provoke Xu Xiulan, so as to make her and Gao Jianling reunite. Guan Yunyu took Mao Xuewang home and took the opportunity to bring him back to Guan Yuqing, but Guan Yongnian avoided answering. Xu Xiulan was outraged that she would not go to senior college, Xu Qingfeng resolutely refused to agree, but she knew her affection and reason, Xu Xiulan had to review her homework.

Guan Yongnian didn’t dare to slack off, asked Liu Shuqi to help him check his homework. Guan Zhenlei went home. Seeing that his parents had finished eating, they didn’t leave him a meal. Liu Shuqi asked him to pay for living expenses. Guan Zhenlei kept saying that he was going to leave home and threatened to Starved to death on the street and wanted Guan Yongnian to keep him, Guan Yongnian suddenly felt soft. He just wanted to speak, but Liu Shuqi stopped him. Guan Zhenlei moved step by step to the door. Liu Shuqi reminded Guan Yongnian to take an exam tomorrow, so that he could study hard, and Guan Zhenlei was riding a tiger. , Can only bite the bullet and go out.

Xu Xiulan didn’t write down today’s homework. She secretly asked her classmates on her mobile phone, but was caught by Xu Qingfeng. Xu Qingfeng confiscated her mobile phone and complained that she was not attentive in class. Xu Xiulan complained repeatedly. Xu Xiulan goes out early every day and returns late every day. In addition to attending classes at the university for the elderly, she also participates in study groups and has afternoon tea with her classmates. Xu Qingfeng is a rare leisure and enjoys the world of two with Guan Yuqing. Xu Qingfeng reveals that Guan Yongnian used the method of aggressive generalization to make her mother old. the University.

Guan Yongnian and Gao Jianling participated in a classmate gathering and discussed going to travel together. Guan Yongnian learned that Lao Meng also had a son who was as unconvincing as Guan Zhenlei. Lao Meng took back the house and car and forced his son to go out to find a job. Only then did he realize his parents It’s not easy. Guan Yongnian was deeply moved. He did the same, and sealed all the electrical appliances and supplies in Guan Zhenlei’s room, and asked Guan Zhenlei to go out to look for work, otherwise he would be driven out of the house.

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