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The final result of Daqin Fu is revealed.

The final result of Daqin Fu is revealed, where should the characters go.

The TV series “Da Qin Fu” is the final work of the series of the Great Qin Empire. The whole play covers the period of the reunification of King Qin Zhuangxiang to Qin Shi Huang. The “Huayang Coup” was fortunately survived, and since then he became the King of Qin. With the assistance of Lu Buwei, Li Si, Wang Jian and others, he eliminated the six countries and established the first centralized state in history.

The ending of “Da Qin Fu” 大秦赋

Since Lu Buwei entered the Qin Baixiang, he has been in charge for 13 years. Although he wrote “Lü Shi Chun Qiu”, he failed to make the world understand his good intentions. The young Ying Zheng came to the throne and inherited the teachings of Lu Xiang, but he did not have a confidant heart when he returned to the country, and simply concealed his edge. After entering the youth, he gradually formed a self-proclaimed political opinion, and even had differences in the pursuit of reunification, and continued to be dissatisfied with Lu Xiang’s arbitrariness The dictatorship and its contradiction intensified, and even antagonized.

In this situation of “national chaos and suspicion among officials”, Yingzheng listened to Li Si’s slander, decided to kill the brothers and feet, led the coup, and used her to contain Lu Buwei and fight each other. The Great Qin land was in different ways, hindering the most powerful officials in the Zhangtai Palace, and was gradually destroyed in a palace scandal.

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