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The main character from today


He became the protagonist of rolling and rolling in the devastated Rofan novel.
The role of a female Joo who is abandoned by a male jurist and neglected by her best friend.
Not like this! I have to change the original route somehow.

“Please hire me as an aide.”

To live, I decided to attach to the villain Prince in the original.
But this guy, it doesn’t go as he intended.
Besides, there are even strange rumors.

Me and Pelus are lovers, and they are about to get married.

“We are not lovers. I can’t live alone after being killed by Young-ae.”

Yes? What is this guy saying now! Why are you pouring oil and lighting a house on fire?

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince… … .” It’s a bad rumor that I’ve been determined from the moment I became the prince’s aide.

“I can’t wake up because I’m in love with someone.”

But it wasn’t. Even rumors have commercial morality! Even he likes men!

“He broke the wrist of the man who approached his sister because of the machine with jealous eyes.”
“… … .”

No, it’s not completely wrong. That may not be the reason… … .

“I heard stories that sooner or later you might formally propose to your sister.”
“… … .”

no. That’s absolutely not!

The main character from today
Associated Names: 오늘부터 주인공
Sung Wisdom
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 106 (Completed)

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