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The Stage 装台 Episode 16 Plot

Zhang Dahu’s father was unable to rush back when he died. This time, he should take advantage of the third anniversary of his death to make a good show. The girl with flower sleeves that Dundun looked at each other could make soy sauce. As a pole dancer, the pistol got out of the minibus with a phone call, and Dun Dun’s tall temperament was immediately caught in his eyes. With a pistol in a short skirt performing pole dance on stage, Shunzi hurriedly let Sufen and Han Mei leave, seeing Yang Bo drifting away with Sufen like a ghost again, Shunzi pulled him down to watch the show.

After the performance, the pistol returned to the backstage to change clothes, and a group of unfocused men wanted to peek through the curtain. Dundun walked over with a few martial arts moves to drive them away, but he didn’t want to be tricked into the house. Pistol thought that Dun Dun was not a serious person, and told him that this pole dance was also an art performance. If he wanted to watch it, he had to sit down in the audience. It was impossible to be so excited that he wanted to marry himself. Dundun frowned and turned and walked away. Before going out, he turned around and said, “If you want to marry me, I will marry.”

The pistol didn’t know why he followed it, perhaps because of this rare sincerity. Although Dun Dunren was honest, he was also a bit romantic. He ran to the small supermarket and bought chocolates to give a pistol, and ran back to the Zhang Family Ancestral Hall to get a gift to give the pistol. The unidentified pistol followed into the ancestral hall. Looking at the pistol, annoyed that he could not find the gift, the pistol went up and kissed him, and the two of them threw themselves in front of the ancestral hall. It happened to be seen by the people in the village, this is a big taboo.

In this village, women are not allowed to enter the ancestral hall. That is a big disrespect to the ancestor. A village with a hundred or so people surnamed Zhang came to the ancestral hall to ask for an explanation. The people who see the wind make the rudder say that Dun Dun is not Qinqiang Tuan can’t control it, and Shunzi who speaks loyalty can only take care of this mess by himself. Dundun pulled the pistol and left, but he couldn’t get through his phone and Shunzi could only come to Zhang Dahu again.

This was originally doing things by myself, so I didn’t want to make such a big thing, so I pushed it around and negotiated a penalty for kneeling. Shunzi is the leader, but Dundun can’t find it, he can only make scapegoats by kneeling in front of the statue of Zhang Fei.

When something like this happened, Han Mei couldn’t see her father and had to return home again. She bought breakfast and brought it to Chrysanthemum. The cautiousness of her younger sister was also noticed by Chrysanthemum. Looking at her younger sister who was dragging her luggage to return to school, Chrysanthemum took out a pair of beautiful leather gloves to put on Han Mei, and called Mr. Tan to drive her to the station. This President Tan was very eye-catching. He drove Han Mei directly to Man Cun, and wanted to make Han Mei say something to himself through good performance.

The pistol pulled Dun Dun and ran back to his house, thinking that Dun Dun would offend the brothers a lot. Seeing that the dream of marrying a daughter-in-law was about to come true, he twisted it, first saying that he was from the countryside, but the pistol was also from the countryside. Later, he said that he had no money, and the pistol said he had money and don’t pay a gift, as long as he treats himself well. Where can I find such a beautiful daughter-in-law who doesn’t need gift money? Dundun is really lucky.

Although Zhang Dahu asked Shunzi and his gang to take care of him, he didn’t say not to give food. However, the villagers in this remote mountainous area are also feudal-minded, and they must be hungry and Shunzi to relieve their anger. Sufen sat with Shunzi at the entrance of the ancestral hall all night. These dozen people couldn’t even drink their saliva. Sufen gritted his teeth and ran directly to Zhang Dahu to complain.

After all, Zhang Dahu had seen the world outside, and knew that he wanted to abide by the law and not want to make a big deal. The villagers carried the banquet to Da Que’er and others into the house, but they were still reluctant to kneel Shunzi. A few bloody men couldn’t bear the anger, so they rushed out and yelled at the villagers and pushed them up. Shunzi eagerly persuaded him to fight but fell to the ground because of his numb legs.

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