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The Stage 装台 Episode 17 Plot

This village is where the Zhang family and the dozen or so people can afford it, and Shunzi makes everyone bear it. Yang Bo tied an arm and came to Dahu Zhang. He said he would fight with each of them. He would drink one by one. As long as he was able to get a smooth flow, he would fall on the ground unconsciously if he could not drink. personnel.

Moved by Yang Bo’s loyalty, Zhang Dahu came to the ancestral hall and admired Shunzi’s management methods. He asked Shunzi to change from kneeling to sitting, which calmed the anger and favors. Yang Bo came to Sufen staggeringly, of course he did all this for her. But thinking of the Shunzi who was punished inside, he felt that he couldn’t take advantage of the danger like this, even if he was lying on the ground and crawling back.

Shunzi was really bored and said, that night Shunzi and a group of pretenders seriously sat in Zhang Fei’s ancestral hall to read Zhang Yide’s story. For two days and one night, Shunzi and the others finally figured out the ancestral hall, but Shunzi’s hemorrhoids became more serious when they left the house. Knowing that his father was ill, Chrysanthemum ignored her stiff belly and asked Mr. Tan to send herself to a small hospital in this remote village. Looking at the painful father lying on the bed, she was holding back the tears in her eyes. But looking back at Sufen, her anger surged again. It would be no good for her father to be with her. That’s how she took care of others.

Sufen washed her clothes and didn’t want to talk to her. She called out Chrysanthemum just to get her to sign the surgical consent form. She has always been treated as an outsider, so what identity does she have to sign. Shunzi hurriedly carried the infusion bottle to go to the toilet. Chrysanthemum stepped forward, but Shunzi would ask her for help. Seeing Sufen helping her father into the toilet, Chrysanthemum could only stand in front of the door and wait. Tan Zonghe and Juhua, who had bought the fruit basket, kept explaining and went to the toilet to help Shunzi, but of course they were kicked out. Chrysanthemum sat on the chair. She was grateful for the presence of Mr. Tan, a good man, and finally realized that her father was so old that she could not accompany him to take care of him everywhere.

Sufen worried about Chrysanthemum’s body, so she carried the fruit basket and asked Mr. Tan to give Chrysanthemum to supplement her body. Chrysanthemum finally said sorry to Sufen. Sufen told her that she would wait until Shunzi recovers and leave Diao’s house as soon as he leaves the hospital. Chrysanthemum has been missing the love of family since she was a child, even if she was full of love in her heart, she could not speak. This is true for my father, and it is true for Sufen.

Chrysanthemum was sitting in the back seat and wiping tears all the way. Tan always told her in a joke that although he was just over forty, he always felt that life is impermanent. He was a bachelor, wifeless and childless. He didn’t know that day when he fell asleep and would never wake up. He had to tell his neighbors about his death by smell. In her heart, Chrysanthemum knew that he was a pun. She touched the bald head of Mr. Tan’s life ravaged with her hands distressedly, and silently shed tears.

Dundun returned to his rental house with a pistol, but was afraid to go in like a thief, so he had to direct the pistol to find the valuables and take down the two to leave. Tie Kou thought of the table that hadn’t been demolished, so he took advantage of this opportunity to force Shunzi to finish their work for free, so that they could get some money. Da Que’er and others were forced to do the brick-moving work arranged by the iron buckle. They received a call from Shunzi, but everyone chose not to tell him about it. They also pooled money to buy some supplements for Shunzi online. Sent.

The iron buckle rode three wheels with Lao Zhang, who was in charge of the banquet in the village. When he came to the entrance of the village, he jumped out of the car and had to change for Lao Zhang to ride. Looking at the wine that Mr. Tan had just come over to promote in the back seat, the iron clasp urged Lao Zhang to give him a box.

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