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The witch’s younger brother is an obsessed man


14 years ago, the little hand that brought Ruenne out of a prison without a ray of light.
The world, drawn by the warmth of his hand, fell into the grasp of the enemy.

β€œI like your sister. I like the best in the world.
So please don’t leave me.”

The happiness I enjoyed beside cute Eugene and loving adoptive parents.
In order to protect it, Ruenne was forced to enter the Academy, which was in the arms of the enemy.

She, who wanted to graduate and return as early as a day, met there, but it was a saint who hated her.

β€œI hold my hand for just one year. I need your strength.”
With a saint who makes unreasonable demands

β€œI guess I’ve been good at acting my younger brother.”
Eugene approaches without hesitation saying that he will not remain as his younger brother.

The place where the hidden truth was uncovered.
The revealed history shakes the life of Ruenne,
To recover what was lost, the witch lit a flame again.

The witch’s younger brother is an obsessed man
Associated Names: λ§ˆλ…€μ˜ 남동생은 집착 남주
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 147 (complete)

List of Chapters:

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