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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 23 Recap

All the people who escorted the ordnance were killed. Only one Luo Chun escaped. He met Zang Fei on the way to escape, so Luo Chun was taken to Lu Yuantong again. If he couldn’t hold the ordnance, he had to deal with the military law. He was extremely afraid, so he confessed Feng Xi’s. Secrets come in exchange for peace. Murong Yi also got the news and told Feng Xi to make plans early. Zang Fei escorted Luo Chun all the way to rush to Zhuming Station before Lu Yuantong meets Feng Xi. Dongyue quietly follows behind and learns that the weapons are now in the hands of the three princes and Feng Xi is going to Zhuming Station and Lu Yuantong to deal with each other. , Must be very dangerous.

She found the inn where the three princes were resting. Feng Xi was in danger at the moment, and Dongyue asked the three princes to give her weapons so as to save the danger. Seeing that she was so anxious for Feng Xi, the third prince was naturally uncomfortable. This batch of ordnance was evidence of Feng Xi’s crime, and it was okay to take it away unless he died. This was forcing Dongyue, her sword was unsheathed and placed on the neck of the third prince. I finally got this batch of ordnance, but a small part of it had been transported back to the capital by Qing Xiao, but there was enough left.

When Lu Yuantong came to the inn, Feng Xi waited for a long time, and the two went into the teahouse to discuss matters together. Feng Xi pretended to be Li and brought up the old case of the Ming family, but Lu Yuantong pretended not to know. In the Tianqi years, General Ming won the Beishan Jiangshu in the first battle, but the book was dropped into the hands of the emperor, but it became a secret letter of collaborating with the enemy and treason. If this matter is used, it can make a new way. Lu Yuantong doesn’t mention much of the old things. Today’s main purpose is to get Feng Xi to recognize a person.

Luo Chun’s face was blue and red, and he saw that he had been severely tortured. Feng Xi could still be so calm in the face of such a scene. Lu Yuantong thought he was still pretending to be here. How could he not know the spy he had asked Murong Yi to place in the Dingyuan army? I’m afraid it was Feng Jing’s death that day and Feng Xi will experience it again today.

The sword blade was three inches out of its sheath. At this time Dongyue appeared. It was clearly Luo Chun’s private possession of ordnance. Instead, he beat and framed Feng Xi. Dongyue brought that batch of ordnance. It was outside at this moment, and it was Lu Yuantong’s turn to be relieved. Be a man. Feng Xi pushed his heart to his heart to plan for him, but he almost misunderstood Feng Xi when he believed the villain’s slander, so it goes without saying that he drew his sword and killed Luo Chun.

The emperor summoned Lu Yuantong to Beijing this time, and he was called Beijing, and he was actually a hostage. Feng Xi urged him to keep a low profile and wait for the moment. In addition, he should also consider the items he just mentioned. Watching Lu Yuantong leave, he almost escaped, but it would be even more difficult to move in the Dingyuan army later. The aftermath work is left to Murong Yi, and now Feng Xi has to take a good look at Dongyue, not only has the heart to save him, why should he always look like a thousand miles away, after the many troubles around him are over, he must go with Dongyue Stay together.

Dongyue came to the small courtyard of Zhumingyi again, where they had a short and happy day, and under the holly flower tree, they said it is better to go back and not to suffer. The Xiyueji in the shadow puppet troupe has a new chapter. There is an endless stream of visitors. On the curtain, Yingying and Yanyan are telling their stories. Dongyue kept watching until the guests dispersed and the theater was empty. Feng Xi’s figure suddenly appeared behind him, unable to tell why he appeared here, but he stayed like this for a long time, thinking of many past pasts. Feng Xi knew that she couldn’t let go of him, so a strong kiss, lingering and loving.

On the way back to Feng’s Mansion, Feng Xi was always curious as to what could make Dongyue change his mind and give up assassinating Lu Yuantong. But no matter what it is, Dongyue is now willing to believe in him as a big liar. When they arrived at Feng’s Mansion, Mrs. Rou felt uncomfortable seeing the two together again.

And now what needs to worry the most is the whereabouts of the weapons intercepted by the third prince, Feng Xi instructed Daole to keep an eye on the third prince. Feng Ziyuan came to see him again. Although Dongyue didn’t say anything, Feng Ziyuan thought it was weird. There was another woman dangling in the house of his beloved, who would feel a little uncomfortable in his heart. This was exactly what Feng Xi thought. He put up a pen to nominate a garden map and named it Moon Garden. There is an evening garden in the garden.

Now Haoshan is completely guarded by Lu Yuantong, and he can no longer be trapped. It will be a matter of time for him to rebel, but Dongyue still can’t plan to assassinate him, because Lu Yuantong still has Feng Xi’s important thing in his hands. As for what it is, Dong Yue is not in a hurry, she can wait for the day Feng Xi is willing to tell her. Now it is enough to understand that they hate Lu Yuantong the same. Only when they have a common goal can they have long-term courage.

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