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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 24 Recap

Regarding that batch of ordnance, the third prince would naturally not put it beside him and wait for Feng Xi to get it, but put it on Wenye Mansion. Wen Ye was just upright, but Feng Xi is now a member of the Central Committee of the DPRK. It is not easy to get him tortured, and it will take some time. After discussing important matters with Wen Ye, the three princes came out and saw Xiao Wenxin jumping on the shuttlecock on the rockery. After a long time no see, the orchid was carefully taken care of, and Xiao Wenxin became more and more lively.

Dao Le reported on the results of the recent investigation. Feng Xi guessed that out of ten princes put the ordnance in the Wen Mansion. This matter should be let go of Dao Le. Now he must be sent to visit the family supported by the Ming family over the years. I asked if I would like to continue my allegiance. When Dao Le heard that he was going to go far, he began to miss Feng Ziyuan, and Feng Xi gave him a pack of silver and let him buy some things for Feng Ziyuan.

When shopping with Feng Ziyuan, I bought a stack of small and large wooden boxes. In fact, Dao Le doesn’t have to be like this. The most precious and happy thing for Feng Ziyuan is not buying a lot of gifts, but all the things they have walked together. good time. Dao Le thought that in this case, the gifts were all returned, but Feng Ziyuan was unwilling to turn around holding a stack of boxes to take the lead. For a while, Dao Le couldn’t figure out whether the girl liked buying gifts or not.

In these years, Mrs. Rou was in charge of the house, and the layout of the house was arranged according to her preferences. In order to prevent Dongyue from worrying, Feng Xi specially designed the drawings, and the purchases were all Dongyue’s preferences, named Yueyuan. On the other side, Daoraku is about to set off today. Before leaving, he woven a string of red rope and gave it to Feng Ziyuan, hoping to protect her. Feng Ziyuan was very upset, hugged Daole from behind, and told him to remember to send a letter back. If he missed her, Daole gently kissed her on the forehead and left.

In the Yufeng Pavilion, the three princes were reading a recent issue of Kyoto Miscellany, all about Feng Xidongyue’s deep affection. He couldn’t help feeling sad when he saw it, but still wanted to see what Dongyue was doing recently. Seeing him frustrated, Qingxiao suggested that he go out and relax. Now Feng Xi brought Dongyue to buy a steamed cake, and she didn’t forget to find an excuse by the way, saying that the newly appointed ritual minister asked him to ask him about the sacrificial ceremony, and put his cloak on Dongyue and let her go.

In front of the steamed cake shop, Dongyue met the three princes who were relieved, one piece of steamed cake. Seeing that it was going to rain, Dongyue hurried back after eating. Who knew the showers were pouring down, and the three princes were used to carrying umbrellas. , I wanted to give her the umbrella that he wrote on poems. Dongyue knew her kindness, but since she was determined to follow Feng Xi, she should not give him too much hope, so she pushed the umbrella away with hatred. The leaves of the umbrella were soaked by the rain. The three princes saw Dongyue running towards Feng Xi. , But there is no stand to stop it.

When the three princes came back, they coughed. The original umbrella couldn’t be repaired. Qingxiao bought a new one, and only needed to add the words to make it exactly the same. I tried to write, but suddenly stopped in mid-air again. Even if it was exactly the same, it would be of no use. After all, it was not the original one, and the word was not inscribed.

Feng Xi specially tapped on Wen Ye two sentences about ordnance after the next dynasty, so as expected, Wen Ye immediately went to the third prince and decided to transport the ordnance to the prison. The next thing about robbing of ordnance will involve a lot of people. Only Murong Yi can do it. The matter is very important. Feng Xi told her to kill her if she is blocked.

At night, Dongyue saw Feng Ziyuan taking a few people in black to the outskirts. Feng Ziyuan and Lu Chuan were joined by a carriage in the outskirts. Dongyue heard them say that Feng Xi ordered something to build, but she didn’t know what Feng Xi was plotting. Dongyue went to find her in Feng Ziyuan’s room, and she also hid some drawings. Due to recent comments outside, Dongyue wanted to go out to live some more days, but Feng Ziyuan advised her to stay a few more days, maybe the situation will be different in a few days.

Another night, seeing Feng Xi riding a horse out of the house, Dongyue also went out, all the way to the city wall, Dongyue didn’t know who he wanted to calculate tonight. But it is Feng Xi’s most important person, Dongyue, to be calculated tonight. Suddenly several Kongming lanterns floated downstairs. In the night, these lights exude a warm halo, one after another rising, and there are fireworks in the distance. It turned out that Feng Ziyuan and Lu Chuan had seen Feng Ziyuan and Lu Chuan cutting bamboo and hoarding kerosene for this before Dongyue, they weren’t making weapons.

Feng Xi took Dongyue’s hand and said sincerely, asking Dongyue to be his wife. Knowing that Dongyue would hesitate, but Lu Chuan and Feng Ziyuan under the city were obviously exhausted looking after these lanterns, urging Dongyue to agree, wouldn’t it be embarrassing not to agree to Feng Xi’s face at this time, so Dongyue agreed, From then on, Dongyue is Feng Xi’s Dongyue, and Feng Xi is Dongyue’s Feng Xi.

The craftsman hung up the plaque of Yueyuan Garden. When Dongyue saw it, the word Yuan was xi instead of Yuan. It turned out that Feng Xi deliberately did it. He was willing to sink for Dongyue for the rest of his life and was willing to be her prisoner. Two people who are so close are not as beautiful as them in Mrs. Rou’s eyes, her face is gloomy, as if planning a mountain rain.

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